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Stettler Community Builders committee to unveil next pair of plaques in June

The Stettler Community Builders committee stopped by town council on April 5 to provide an update.

Made up of Stettler Regional Board of Trade executive director Byron Geddes, project manager Donna Morris, Carson Ellis, and Coun. Cheryl Barros, the committee wanted to update council on the work being done to finalize the next two monuments.

While council is endorsing the committee recommendations, according to chief administrative officer Greg Switenky council is being kept in the dark as to who the honourees for 2022 will be.

“They are recognizing those who built a legacy,” said Switenky.

“They are recognizing our wonderful history.”

Scheduled to be unveiled on June 30, the next two markers will be placed along the path in Pioneer Park just west of where the first two were placed across from the RCMP detachment.

“It’s cool to celebrate,” said Mayor Sean Nolls.

“I’m excited to see where it goes.”

The Stettler Community Builders program is built into the town’s annual budget through the Culture accounts.

“It’s not something we really used,” said Nolls.

“Nothing says culture like the people who built the town.”

44 Ave

The third phase of a multi-year road rehabilitation project is slated to be completed in 2022.

Repair work began on 44 Ave. near the Stettler Recreation Centre in 2020.

Working their way east, 44 Ave. from The Other Side restaurant to the Shell gas station was completed in 2021.

In 2022, 44 Ave. from the car wash east past the Dodge and Ford dealerships is scheduled to be completed.

The town had budgeted $750,000 to do the repair work, plus $150,000 for asphalt repair and another $100,000 for pathway expansion.

Coming in just under $55,000 under budget, council awarded the contract to TJ Paving of Red Deer.

TJ Paving quoted the 44 Ave. project for around $711,000, the asphalt patching for just over $87,000, and the pathways for just under $87,000.

Considering asphalt patching always needs to be done, council opted to contract TJ Paving for the full $150,000 for asphalt work and get as much done as they can this construction season.

The total contract value is around $950,000, to come out of the 2022 capital budget.