Stettler challenges Ponoka to a friendly competition of ‘Walk ‘n’ Roll’

With summer here, the Environmental Action sub-committee of Heartland Beautification has organized the “Walk ‘n’ Roll” challenge.

With summer here, the Environmental Action sub-committee of the Heartland Beautification Committee (HBC) has organized the “Walk ‘n’ Roll” challenge for Stettler again this year, from May 1 to the end of August, but this year Stettler will be challenging Ponoka residents in a friendly competition.

“Our Stettler vs. Ponoka ‘Walk ‘n’ Roll’ challenge has been running for two weeks now, and we are absolutely amazed at the participation in both towns,” said Grace Fix, chair of the Environmental Action sub-committee.

According to Fix, there have been 821 trips registered so far between both towns, where residents walked or biked to a destination rather than using a vehicle.

Stettler is a bit ahead with 488 trips to Ponoka’s 333 trips.

“The participation in Ponoka is increasing very quickly and we have no doubt that their community will soon catch up to where we are, unless we all register our walking/biking trips,” Fix added. “We know that people in Stettler walk and bike a lot to their destinations, we just need people to register those trips at”

At the end of May the official winner of the first month of the challenge will be announced.

“The winning town for the month will receive the ‘Walk ‘n’ Roll’ trophy and bragging rights on all media and there will be a winning town declared each month until the program finishes at the end of August,” Fix commented.

Residents can register as often as they wish, either each time or save up a few and register a total.

“However, since we offer weekly prizes, if residents enter at least weekly, they will be eligible for those prizes,” Fix explained.

Stettler participants will be eligible for a draw each week for a fun “Walk ‘n’ Roll” ‘I’m Just Less Driven’ t-shirt.

Heartland Beautification Committee members will also be in contact with businesses in Stettler who may wish to challenge an equivalent business (or a business in the same chain of stores) in Ponoka to see if they can out “Walk ‘n’ Roll” their Ponoka counterpart.

These businesses can then display “We are Stettler vs. Ponoka Walk ‘n’ Roll participants” door signs.

This event is organized by the Heartland Beautification Committee and is funded in part by the Stettler Wellness Network, while the Ponoka part is organized and funded by the Ponoka Parks and Recreation Department.