Stettler town hall. (File photo)

Stettler town hall. (File photo)

Stettler administration re-tenders water resevoir painting due to increasing costs

Highlights from the June 7 council meeting

Water reservoir painting request for quotation (RFQ) update

Administration said they have been unsuccessful in negotiating a reasonable price increase to complete the work and are cancelling the request for quotation (RFQ) that was awarded to AlumaSafway and are sending the project out for new quotations.

In 2021 council approved $50,000 to paint the exterior of the water reservoir and the RFQ was awarded to AlumaSafway Inc. in the amount of $41,173.15.

Following the agreement, the contractor was not able to complete the work before the outside temperatures dropped and hoarding would have been required and was not included in the work.

The decision to delay the work to the summer of 2022 was agreed to between AlumaSafway and the town but in May 2022, AlumaSafway requested an approved expenditure for product price increases. The revised quote ended up being $98,000 – $105,000.

Black Dirt Screening Tender Award

Town administration recommends awarding the tender to BattleRiver Rock and Gravel Inc. for the screening of black dirt to a maximum expenditure of $25,000, excluding GST., funded through the 2022 operating budget.

The budget includes $25,000 to screen the existing salvaged black dirt for town use.

BattleRiver has previously completed this same work for the Town in the past.

Committee of the whole meetings

Council also made the reccomendation to cancel the July and August Committee of the Whole Meetings. The recommendation noted that traditionally the July and August meetings have been cancelled due to a lower workload over the summer. A special meeting may be called, if necessary, to deal with any emerging issue(s).

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