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Spring work continues in Bashaw

The town is asking for help in keeping the streets clean
Town of Bashaw sign

Spring cleaning and other maintenance work is continuing in the community of Bashaw.

On May 22, the Town of Bashaw announced via social media that street sweeping will begin on Friday, May 24 at 7 a.m.

Sweeping will begin on Main Street, and then move on to other higher traffic routes before finishing in the residential areas.

Homeowners are asked to remove their vehicles from the streets if they see the sweeper operating in their area.

As part of the social media release, the town is also reminding residents to either collect or rake grass clippings rather than having them blow onto the street and into the municipality's storm drain system, potentially causing blockages. 

"We would like to keep storm drains clear and our streets clear," notes the release.

On a final note, the town reminds residents that the town's "flower pots are not to be used as ashtrays."

Residents are asked to properly dispose of cigarettes and garbage rather than placing them in the planters.