SMS students vote just like their parents to give landslide victory to Conservative MP Sorenson

Exercising the right to vote – Hunter Antle

Exercising the right to vote – Hunter Antle

Crowfoot MP Kevin Sorenson comfortably got reelected by sweeping 83.9 per cent of all votes cast in the constituency in Monday’s federal election, May 2.

Voter turnout in the riding was just under 60 per cent, 59.6 to be precise, up from the 55.4 per cent of last federal election in October 2008.

As in 2008, Ellen Parker of NDP was a distant second with 9.1 percent of all the votes cast in the riding while Green Party candidate Konrad Schellenberg fared a lot better that the Liberal candidate Omar Harb, who received 2.3 per cent of the local votes against 3.3 percent garnered by Schellenberg.

Independent candidate John C. Turner, former soldier and farmer received 499 votes, 0.9 per cent of the valid votes cast, while Gerard Groenendijk of Christian Heritage Party of Canada received 204 votes, 0.4 per cent of the total.

A mock election at the Stettler Middle School, aimed at instilling the culture of voting among young students produced a very similar result to the actual outcome of the federal elections with the Conservative Party sweeping the polls.

According to the results of the elections at the middle school, Conservatives got 173 of all the 268 votes cast.

Second was NDP with 31 votes, followed by Green Party with 29 and Liberal Party with 24. Independent John Turner received six votes and Gerard Groenendijk of Christian Heritage Party of Canada got five.

One vote was counted as invalid.