Jim with Lou and Bud

Jim with Lou and Bud

Sleigh rides with Jim, a Stettler tradition

Jim with his Clydesdale horses, Lou and Bud, have been a part of Stettler's festive spirit for over decades.

As the week-long Festival of Lights gives way to Moonlight Madness, the Stettler community has been enthralled by the wide variety of festive activities that have been going on.

But in the midst of all the happy frenzy are traditions, such as sleigh rides with Jim’s Clydesdale horses, Lou and Bud.

“I’ve been doing this for a long, long time,” said Jim, as he waited for OK Tire to get him going again. On Friday afternoon, Nov. 25, after doing a few rides, one of the wagon tires had gone down.

The kids had started to queue already, in excitement for their rides.

“Just a little while back I gave the fifth generation of a Stettler family a ride,” Jim added. “They came to the town in 1903 or around that time they said. I’ve known their parents and grandparents.”

Inside the Agriplex, it was truly a Christmas wonderland as kids engaged themselves in various activities, such as colouring and reading. They could also get their faces painted and get pictures with Mr. and Mrs. Santa.