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Saving Grace Animal Society launches next phase in clinic fundraiser

Staff at Saving Grace Animal Society (SGAS) are thrilled to share an update on the construction of their veterinary clinic in Alix, and to introduce details on the next phase of the project.
A photo from earlier this year showing the construction of the new veterinary clinic that Saving Grace Animal Society has adjacent to its rescue facilities. Photo submitted

Staff at Saving Grace Animal Society (SGAS) are thrilled to share an update on the construction of their veterinary clinic in Alix, and to introduce details on the next phase of the project.

As a non-profit society focused on the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing of animals in need throughout central Alberta and beyond, SGAS relies upon the donations of supporters in order to pay for substantial monthly medical bills for animals in its care.

The push to develop a veterinary clinic to serve SGAS specifically in Alix began with the launch of Phase 1, which involved the acquisition of land next to the rescue shelter, according to a release.

With fundraising pushes and generous donations, Phase 2 saw the construction of the building exterior, and the structure has been put up adjacent to SGAS.

This fall will see the launch of Phase 3, which SGAS Co-Executive Director Amanda McClughan said is an exciting leap forward.

“Phase 3 of this project is focused on the interior of the clinic. Now that we have the land and the exterior of the building constructed, we’ll need to finish the interior rooms, walls, operatories, kennels, and facilities,” said McClughan, who is looking forward to their next fundraising initiatives.

“This fall we hope to raise $170,000 in order to complete Phase 3, and we will be doing that by seeking large donations and grants and augmenting that effort with additional fundraisers,” said McClughan.

She added that a number of fundraising events are on the docket for later this fall.

McClughan said SGAS’s commitment to animals is first and foremost.

“Navigating emergency situations and unplanned medical bills in addition to fundraising for a new facility isn’t an easy task,” said McClughan.

“Somedays it’s easy to feel like the veterinary project will never get done. However, we have a responsibility to our donors to make the most of their contributions, and a slower, more thoughtful approach to the construction of this facility ensures that every dollar raised is optimized to the fullest.”

Currently, SGAS averages over $45,000 in medical expenses each month, a figure that McClughan said can be cut by more than half if SGAS is able to secure on-site veterinary service.

“Having a clinic next door cuts down on travel time, fuel costs, overnight stays, and monitoring costs,” said McClughan.

“Not to mention cases where minutes matter, and animal injuries or conditions need to be treated in a timely manner.”

Until such a clinic can be established, SGAS continues to utilize its veterinarian partners in communities outside of Alix.

“These relationships we have established are vital to the success of SGAS, but we’re reaching a point where we have more medical needs than can be realistically serviced by our existing network.”

Once Phase 3 is complete, SGAS will move to Phase 4, which is the final step in the journey to establish sustainable veterinary care for SGAS.

“Phase 4 is the home stretch of the project, and will focus on outfitting the building with furniture, equipment, workspaces, and animal comforts. We know we’ll get there, and the finish line gets closer and closer, but we need to take it one phase at a time,” she said.

“Every donor so far has our eternal gratitude. They’ve made an investment today for a difference tomorrow, and we would not be in a position to take SGAS to the next level without them, so thank you.

“Throughout the fundraising processes and activities of the organization, the vision of the Saving Grace Animal Society remains the same: to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home any animal in need. Rescue them all, big or small,” she said, adding that corporate sponsorships and donor inquiries are welcomed, and any amount received is appreciated.

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