Plans to realign Highway 56

  • Jun. 8, 2011 9:00 a.m.


After just under a year of study, plans for the realignment of Highway 56 are nearly complete.

The second and final open house for the project will be held June 16.

On March 3, Delcan, a company that specializes in transportation systems, held its first open house to announce six different ideas for the realignment of the highway.

“The reactions were quite positive,” said engineer Justin Barrett. “Obviously some were more well-received than others.” Plans with lesser impact to adjacent properties were better received than others.

At the open house, a number of concerns were raised by attendees including impact of properties and access to residences and businesses. The plans proposed that affected those issues the least were most well-received.

The open house planned for June 16 will present a combination of the ideas received from citizens at the first open house at the Stettler Recreation Centre.

“We had six options that were presented at the (March 3) open house, we heard what the people of the town thought about it, then we took it to the town and Alberta Transportation and we’ve come up with one recommended alignment and that’s what will be presented at the open house,” said Barrett.

“This is pretty much the public’s last chance to have their say.”

The final proposal by Delcan is to be reviewed by both the Town of Stettler and the County of Stettler for before it will be presented to the public on June 16.

In 2005, a report was completed on Highway 56. After the report was completed, it was recommended that realignment must be completed on the highway on the north end of town.

It was deemed that the 90 degree turns were tough for large transport trucks and many travelling through the area had a hard time following the highway.

Since then, Alberta Transport and Delcan have been working hand-in-hand on building a viable plan that will resolve the current issues with the highway.