Permit sales remain strong in 2014

Numbers reveal county up, town down

The Town of Stettler brought in a four-year low in permit sales, but the numbers remain healthily above the plunge numbers took during the recession.

The County of Stettler, on the other hand, bettered 2013’s permit sales by $2 million.

Some of the major building projects for the town in 2014 included the completion of the Stettler Recreation Centre, the construction of the new Stettler Skate Park, the completion of a new business section on Main Street (which houses the Sobeys’ Liquor Store). In the county, a new Petro Canada fuelling station just east of the town as well as water infrastructure were some of the building feats of the year.

Town of Stettler

The Town of Stettler saw a busy year of permits, bringing in $12,912,303 in ermit sales. Most of the money came in from the commercial sector, which saw $6,015,621 spent on permits, roughly a million less than the year before. Residential permits, however, jumped nearly a million dollars over the previous year, coming in at $3,617,482. Industrial permits were almost exactly the same as the previous year with $2,793,000 in permits issued, while institutional permits took a nearly $150,000 dip to come in at $486,200. There were 39 residential permits, 21 commercial permits, six industrial permits and one institutional permits were issued.

The difference between the permit sales in 2013 and 2014 was a mere $247,795.

The 20-year high for permit sales came in 2005 when the town brought in more than $25 million in permit sales, and while they didn’t reach that high in the following years, they remained above the $15 million mark until the market crash in the United States in 2008. The 2010 permit sales bottomed out at just short of $7 million, but since then have remained above $12 million.

County of Stettler

The County of Stettler beat its 2013 permit sales by more than $2 million when its numbers tallied up to $14,364,000 in permit sales last year. Not only was the financial total up over last year, the number of permits issued were significantly up in all categories. Eighty-one residential permits were issued in 2014, up from 71 in 2013, while the number of commercial permits in 2014, at 22, were up by 12.