Paradise Shores needs to re-apply for outdoor development, County says

Appeal board issues speedy decision

By Jessica Jones

For the Independent

The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board handed down a decision into Paradise Shores’ appeal for a Recreational Facility — Outdoor permit only six days after its hearing.

Originally the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) had 15 days to issue a decision into the Paradise Shores’ appeal of an incomplete application, which sought to develop of 318 campsites and RV stalls, around Buffalo Lake.

The SDAB upheld the County of Settler’s Development Authority decision that the development permit application, submitted on March 28th, from Paradise Shores, was incomplete.

The decision is yet another frustrating development into the magnitude of issues surrounding the development of Buffalo Lake, lease holder Steve Altilio, says.

“We can’t get a simple RV park built in Alberta without an inordinate amount of red tape, hurdles and the goal posts continually being moved to delay process as long as possible,” he said. Altilio and his wife expected to be in his Paradise Shores RV for the summer.

“Things are a lot worse for many of the 220 leases at Paradise Shores,” he said of other situations.

Jacinta Donovan, County of Stettler development officer, said what’s next is up to Paradise Shores and its owner, Dave Hamm.

“It’s up to the developer and whether they want to re-apply and comply with the conditions,” she said.

The main reason the application was refused, according to Donovan, is that there was not a detailed site plan included in the application.

The board was seeking more information into wastewater and distributions systems, storm water management, driving aisles, plans for private roads, geotechnical reports, and a landscaping plan.

“The appellant advised that the following information would not be provided because it had been previously provided,” the SDAB’s Notice of Decision stated.

“In short, whether or not there were issues with the process is not relevant to the issue of determining whether the application is complete,” the notice further outlined.

It is not clear if Paradise Shores will re-apply for a permit to develop the outdoor portion of its plans for Buffalo Lake.

The decision is yet another roadblock for Paradise Shores after it was sent a stop work order in May over health and safety concerns at existing leases. Lease holders on the area were required to move their trailers before June 17th.

Donovan said the County inspected the area this past week and noted that many trailers were removed.

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