Norbert Baharally

Norbert Baharally

Norbert Baharally discusses additional responsibilities

With the commencement of the new school year, Norbert Baharally, principal of William E. Hay Secondary Campus was also given...

With the commencement of the new school year, Norbert Baharally, principal of William E. Hay Secondary Campus was also given the additional portfolio of supervising and heading up the Stettler Outreach School (SOS).

Contemplating on the new role and responsibilities, Baharally said that he is totally cognizant of the fact that his time would be “limited”.

“I realize my time is limited and it will be demanded by many at many different times,” said Baharally. “I am going to have to be able to find a balance between trying to meet the needs of the students, staff and parents at both the William E. Hay Secondary campus as well as the Stettler Outreach School.”

Instead of looking at the new situation as a hindrance, Baharally thinks that this would help him manage his time better.

“This should be a little more of a manageable situation now that both schools are under one administration,” added Baharally. “I also have great administrative support with my two vice principals, Mrs. Dianne Enyedy and Mr. Warren Aspenes, as well as awesome office administrative support that will help to keep me organized.”

According to Baharally, the priority is to focus on students and provide them with a “first-class education”.

“Our first priority is to provide students with a first-class education and to make William. E. Hay Secondary, Stettler Outreach and Clearview School Division the number one choice for secondary education for students in the town of Stettler,” said Baharally. “When we are thinking of implementing new programming and initiatives, we always ask ourselves this fundamental question. ‘Is this in the best interest of students’ and if the answer is yes, we always find a way to introduce the program or initiative.”

Discussing how the Stettler Outreach School’s (SOS) change in supervision will impact the way students will function, Baharally feels that full-time students at SOS will not perceive much change.

“The biggest change is the fact that the SOS is under the administration of the secondary school, but students that are enrolled full time at the SOS will see no real difference in how the program operated last year,” added Baharally. “For other students, they will have the opportunity to do a blended program between the secondary school and the SOS.”

Overall, Baharally looks forward to the new school year with excitement as the changes take place.

“I am very excited with all of the changes that have been planned and implemented and I feel that this is a great educational opportunity for our students, parents, staff and community,” said Baharally. “We all need to continue to remember our Clearview School Division Motto – ‘We all belong – We all succeed’.”