Metalex representative Greggory Jackson

Metalex representative Greggory Jackson

New recycling facility ‘an expanded Superfluity’

Stettler has a new recycling program called "Take it or leave it", "an expanded Superfluity."

Stettler has a new recycling program called “Take it or leave it”, “an expanded Superfluity” in the words of County of Stettler Councillor Joe Gendre, which is aimed at giving a new lease of life to household goods, mostly furniture and other large unwanted items, which are too big to be processed at the Superfluity store on the Main Street.

Representing the Stettler Waste Management Authority (SWMA), town councillor Sean Nolls joined Gendre and representatives of Metalex Metal Buildings, Superfluity, TransCanada PipeLines and ATCO Electric got together at the Stettler Waste Transfer Site on Thursday, June 11 to mark the beginning of the programme with a symbolic ground breaking ceremony.

According to Gendre, the large unwanted household items can be dropped off at the new facility, where they will be tagged and kept for two weeks, during which time they can be picked up free of charge by those who might want to use them. Any items not picked up within two weeks will be sent to be processed as waste.

Gendre said the two-week limitation was necessary to prevent the facility from being overcrowded and flooded with too many items.

A press release issued by the SWMA said about 1,200 furniture items are thrown out every year with about at least a quarter of them being in good shape and usable.

It quoted SWMA manager Rene Doucette as saying “The SWMA, who identified their strategic priority to be increasing diversion from our landfills by fostering and encouraging ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ has organized and partly funded this project and will also be in charge of its day-to-day operation.”