MP Damien Kurek

MP Damien Kurek stops by County of Stettler Meeting July 14th

There is speculation that Trudeau could be calling an early election

By Kevin J. Sabo

For the Independent

Member of Parliament Damien Kurek stopped by the latest County of Stettler council meeting on July 14th.

He brought with him a stark warning for what could happen if Justin Trudeau were to be re-elected into a majority government.

“It bewilders me each and every day for the incompetence in Ottawa,” said Kurek.

“By the government suing the speaker, it is in essence suing the democracy in this country. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has found it a nuisance to not have unfettered control of the House of Commons.”

The minority, Liberal-led, government recently announced the lawsuit against the Speaker of the House to block the release of documents requested by committee pertaining to the termination and subsequent RCMP investigation of two Chinese nationals who worked at the top-security infectious disease lab in Winnipeg.

“The result has been absolutely disastrous, it has caused an unprecedented erosion of trust,” said Kurek.

“We are seeing through this lawsuit, and other examples, this is a constitutional crisis. We have a government that refuses to respect the democratic will of this country.”

One example Kurek provided is of Bill-208, a private member’s bill supported by members of all parties to make succession planning easier for business owners, removing some of the severe tax penalties for selling a business to your children.

“They are looking at the bill, but will not implement it as it is written,” said Kurek, before switching gears, discussing the pandemic.

“Late to react, and slow to respond has been the federal government’s reality to the pandemic. There is increasing pressure to see changes on the border front.”

Canadians may get the chance to give their say on the Liberal government’s handling of the pandemic and other matters sooner rather than later.

Media outlets recently have been full of speculation that Trudeau could be calling an early election as soon as the middle of August.