Motorist jailed four months and suspended for three years

A local man was suspended from driving a vehicle for a few years after being sentenced in Stettler Provincial Court on Aug. 27.

Michael J. MacDonald, 45, was sentenced to four months jail for driving with a blood alcohol content exceeding .08 milligrams and prohibited from driving for three years.

He was also fined $150 by Judge K. L. Rostad for failing to appear in court.

Gordon William Byrt was fined $1,600 for driving a vehicle with an alcohol content exceeding .08 milligrams on Aug. 2, when he hit a house in Stettler.

With readings of 180 and 170 mg, he was also suspended from driving for one year.

Tyler John Nelson, 21, was fined $1,200 for driving a vehicle with an alcohol content exceeding .08 milligrams with a high reading of 160 on Aug. 15.

He was also placed on probation for one year.

Quenton Weldon Johnson, 26, was placed on probation for 18 months for uttering threats with bodily harm, possession of a weapon and mischief to property after damaging a truck of a close female friend with a baseball bat on Aug. 2 and then threatening her.

He is banned from any contact with the woman and prohibited from possessing or using firearms for five years.

Philip James Bird was issued a peace bond for one year for assault and charges would be withdrawn if he successfully completes that time without violating the bond.

Kaliesha Baird-Harbridge was issued a peace bond for six months for uttering threats and ordered to keep the peace.

Numbered company 599887 Alberta Ltd. was fined the specified figure of $300 for failing to comply with an order by the Town of Stettler to make interior improvements to a building according to the local bylaw.

Christine St. Gelais was fined $115 for mischief and damage to a vehicle after she backed into a vehicle at a drinking party.