Most wonderful time of the year indeed! ‘Simply Christmas’ has opened at Superfluity

Most wonderful time of the year indeed! ‘Simply Christmas’ has opened at Superfluity

Lots to explore to brighten your home for the holidays

It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas at Superfluity.

The Stettler organization officially opened its Christmas store called ‘Simply Christmas’ on Nov. 12th, and that section of the store is overflowing with lots of colourful, attractive items related to the coming holiday season.

“We would really like to thank our donors,” said Lori Larocque, chair of the board at Superfluity.

She’s been with the store for more than 10 years. “This is all stuff that has been donated – we didn’t buy any of it,” she said, referring to the generous amounts of stock. “It’s just incredible – the amount of goods.

“Our crafters also take goods from the store and re-purpose them, too,” she said, pointing out several Christmas decor items and gifts that have been specially-made. “They pick unique ideas through Pinterest and their own imaginations, and they come up with things like these, like the ornaments,” she explained.

Also incorporated into Simply Christmas are several fabulous items featured in a silent auction as well.

“The other new thing this year are ‘surprise boxes’ which cost one dollar.”

Superfluity Thrift Store continues to serve the region while providing funds to many community projects, programs and services.

Through 2018, $100,000 was given to various groups and agencies in the community, and Larocque said Superfluity expects to have given away even more throughout 2019 as well once a final tally is done.

Currently, more than 100 volunteers help out in a number of ways, but there is always room for more, she said.

“We have team ‘heads’ or captains, too. It works very well – we have a minimum of four volunteers each day and one team has 10 on it!”

Used clothing, books, toys, housewares and small appliances are accepted at the store, which is located downtown at 4832 – Main Street.

“Every bit of profit is donated back into the community or to agencies that contribute to our community like Ronald McDonald House or the Stollery, for example. We also give some money to a stuttering program with the Royal Purple as well – things that will affect our community.

“We also highly support women shelters, and we also actually collect (items) here at the store for them, too. Anything that comes in that is a new cosmetic, or anything they could use like toothpaste, we will take,” she said.

“Another thing I would like to mention is that if a charity group in town needs money, they are welcome to write us a letter. We are always trying to stay up on the new groups in town and what they are doing,” she explained.

For the holiday season, they also provide extra handi-bus tickets to the local seniors’ facilities so folks can enjoy some more outings.

Hours at Superfluity are Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Looking ahead, 2020 also marks a landmark year for the store – its 40th anniversary, said Larocque.


Most wonderful time of the year indeed! ‘Simply Christmas’ has opened at Superfluity