Men fined for drugs and alcohol

Two men from the Bashaw area were sentenced in Stettler Provincial Court on May 27 for various charges.

Brian Edward Warman was fined a total of $687 for drug and alcohol offences for drugs and alcohol in Alix on Sept. 17, 2009 after pleading guilty, which includes $300 for possession of marijuana, $287 for illegal consumption of alcohol and $100 for transportation of open liquor.

Kenneth Joseph Fisher was fined $500 for driving his vehicle without headlights on June 13, 2009 around midnight, after pleading guilty to the incident near Bashaw.

Arthur Chartrand was fined $150 after pleading guilty to failing to fill out his daily log for a commercial vehicle.

Richard Moisan was fined the prescribed $65 after pleading guilty to failing to register a dog in the Town of Stettler.