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Mayor Sean Nolls is enthusiastic about continuing to serve Stettler

There are some new faces on municipal councils following Monday’s vote

In the wake of Monday’s election, Stettler Mayor Sean Nolls said he is looking forward to moving ahead with plans for the town’s growth and also welcoming some new faces to council.

“I do look forward to working with new councillors for their new insights and ideas,” said Nolls, who was acclaimed last month. “I think it’s exciting, because new people bring new ideas, and to get their feedback really changes things up – just that fresh approach.

Town election results (unofficial) are incumbent Scott Pfeiffer with 1,055; incumbent Gord Lawlor with 1,045; incumbent Cheryl Barros with 921; incumbent Wayne Smith with 837; Kurt Baker with 751, Travis Randell with 725 and Jim Lynham with 403.

“I was at the forum, and nobody said ‘me’ – they would (instead) talk about the town and not about themselves,” he explained. “That, to me, is exciting because it meant we had the right people running with the right mentality who just wanted to do good things for the town,” he said.

For Nolls, moving forward with the goal of continuity is vital.

“In order to maintain things, and to continue the way we are going, continuity is definitely the key to that,” he said.

Last term, it was the Economic Development Committee and the things we have done so far – we got the housing assessment done which had instant results with (a seniors’ development). That was a direct result of the housing assessment. Then we did a market analysis which was really important for us to do so we can really market ourselves to outside businesses to show that we are development-friendly, and a really good place to go – and we can actually have the data to back that up.”

Nolls added that he and council will always have the Town’s best interests in mind.

“I always try to make myself as accessible as possible to the public in my day-to-day life, and in my council life – so that they know where to go. I like that form of transparency and the ability to really engage with the public – always.”

Nolls said that economic development will of course continue to be a key priority, as will ensuring the Town is growing in a responsible manor.

“And to make sure we are adding businesses using that housing assessment to attract the businesses and developments that make sense for Stettler,” he added. “We are here to be responsible, and to make sure we guide decisions that are responsible. We must always be fiscally responsible but we need to be socially responsible as well,” he said.

“There are so many parts of our organization that are part of that social aspect, and we can’t ever forget about that. We’ve also always been fiscally responsible, which is why we are – even in the midst of (these times) – in a good financial position.”

In the County of Stettler, Ward 1 (Byemoor-Endiang) saw Les Stulberg acclaimed.

Unofficial results showed that in Ward 2 (Big Valley) incumbent Dave Grover ended up with 110 votes, Lance Neilson with 82 votes, Terry Schiffner with 18 votes and Dustan Wawzkiewicz with 97 votes.

Ward 3 (Botha-Gadsby) saw Dianne Baird with 122 votes and incumbent Larry Clarke with 188 votes.

Ward 4 (Erskine South Warden) saw Earl Marshall with 78 votes and incumbent James Nibourg with 172 votes.

Ward 5 (Stettler) saw incumbent Ernie Gendre with 126 votes, Sarina Gosse with 40 votes, Wanda Niehaus with 70 votes and Jeremy Verhoeven 91 votes.

Ward 6 (Erskine-Buffalo Lake) saw incumbent Cheri Neitz with 115 votes and Justin Stevens with 242 votes.

Ward 7 (Donalda-Red Willow) saw Paul McKay acclaimed.

In the meantime, all six of the wards in Clearview Public Schools for the seven trustee positions were acclaimed last month as well.

“Showcasing the confidence our communities and families have in their trustees, all seven positions were determined by acclamation as all nominations were unopposed,” noted a release.

“I’m very proud of the work done by our Board over the past four years, and looking forward to having this strength continue with a slight change. Trustee Ken Checkel, who has held many positions in the Board over his 23 years as a trustee, including as Board Chair, is retiring,” said Guy Neitz, board chair.

“So we are welcoming and excited to meet a new trustee to the Board this year: Shauna-lee Thomas. Congratulations to all our trustees, and we wish Ken all the best.”

“As an elected member, a trustee must balance the responsibilities and relationships inherent in their role by establishing the strategic plan and budget for Clearview as well as participate in decision-making processes and the appeal processes. Trustees also participate and communicate on committees of the Board or as Board representatives, and communicate the Board’s decisions to communities such as attending school council meetings.”

The nominated candidates are as follows:

– Ward 1 Erskine, Erskine North area, and Donalda & area – Guy Neitz

– Ward 2 Big Valley and area, as well as Erskine South area – Kimberley Smyth

– Ward 3 Town of Stettler – Greg Hayden and Becky Scott

– Ward 4 Botha, Gadsby, Byemoor and areas, as well as Halkirk and Halkirk West area – John Schofer

– Ward 5 Castor and area, as well as Halkirk East area – Erika Grice

– Ward 6 Coronation, Brownfield and areas – Shauna-lee Thomas