Marketing Award goes to Stettler Dodge Ltd.

Marketing Award goes to Stettler Dodge Ltd.

The Stettler Regional Board of Trade hosted the annual Business and Citizenship Awards Gala on Oct. 24th

By Jessica Jones

For the Independent

In the age of prevalent social media posts some business ads can be lost in the shuffle — this is not the case for Stettler Dodge Ltd.

The business has stood out from the crowd with its humorous social media posts, earning it the Marketing Award in the 2019 Stettler Business and Citizenship Awards.

Stettler Dodge Ltd. owner, Kelly Hicks, says the award was made possible by Maia Ellis and Ceanna Reinbold who have come up with the funny and informative posts.

In one video Facebook post, Reinbold is shown outstretched in the back of a moving pick up truck mimicking the noise of a back up camera.

As the truck backs closer to a fence, Reinbold quickens her “beep, beep, beep” in what is a clever and hilarious way to tell an audience that all vehicles made after Jan. 1st, 2019 include back up cameras.

“The award is truly for the ladies that come up with our marketing strategies,” Hicks said of Ellis and Reinbold.

“They have so many great ideas and they are as funny as they can be and do a fantastic job so I’m glad that they are the ones being honoured by this award because they are the driving force,” said Hicks, who has owned Stettler Dodge Ltd. for 17 years.

Hicks says that Stettler Dodge Ltd. facilitates its marketing without forcing it on people.

“We try and do our marketing without marketing. We highlight the features of the vehicle without pushing it and are showing that we are people having fun and we can also meet your needs,” he said.

“This is a fun way, (of marketing) with people having the feeling that we are not just trying to sell them something.”

As a member of the Stettler Board of Trade, Hicks says he is thankful that Stettler Dodge Ltd. has also been pointed out for being involved in the community, whether by supporting events, working with other businesses or by hosting its own events.

“Thank you to the people who are noticing and we appreciate the award,” he said.