Stettler in the running for 'Small Town Saturday Night.'

Stettler in the running for 'Small Town Saturday Night.'

Local organizations in a bid to bring ‘Small Town Saturday Night’ to Stettler

Two of Stettler's organizations have jointly applied to bring "Small Town Saturday Night" to town in April.

Stettler Minor Football Association (SMFA) has come together with Gear Up Kids Foundation and have jointly applied to bring back the Big Valley Jamboree in Stettler with “Small Town Saturday Night” this year.

“We have been thinking of Stettler Minor Football’s gala night in April this year,” said Donna Morris, media chair, SMFA. “But when I heard that applications were open for ‘Small Town Saturday Night’ I thought why not give it a try.”

Morris heard that Gear Up was also applying and both organizations decided to go for it jointly rather than put forward two separate applications.

“We are urging everyone to vote for us and help us to get it in town,” Morris added.

Even though the Minor Football has been planning ahead for the gala, they would be more than happy to get this gig instead.

“However, if we are unsuccessful, we will go ahead with our gala as planned,” Morris said. “We are thinking positive and really hoping that we can make it. It would mean a lot to both the organizations and to our town itself.”

Stettler Mayor Dick Richards said, “It’s always an exciting time when the community rallies together with a common goal. Stettler has a great history in attracting events like hockey, baseball and soccer provincials. Large curling events and rodeos have been hosted as well as Alberta Summer games in our town.”

According to Richards, Stettler has a rich history of supporting the arts and each year the town runs a very successful concert in the park series, besides hosting active theatre groups.

”Small Town Saturday night is just the type of event the community can rally behind,” Richards astated. “Far greater than the economic impact and revenues this type of event is bound to have, it will serve as yet another event which draws the community closer, allowing our residents to roll up their sleeves and get the job done.”

Rena Hogg, communications director of Gear Up added that when one of the Gear Up members heard about the event, members of the organization decided it would be a great event for a town like Stettler, where people enjoy music.

“After discussing it amongst ourselves, we were convinced that it would be the event,” Hogg said. “We are excited to team up with another local organization, the Stettler Minor Football and we hope our joint efforts in getting the word out to vote will have an excellent chance.”

Ever since the word got out, Stettler and area residents have been busy leveraging social media to spread the word to encourage and get one another to cast their votes.

“Our residents are our greatest ambassadors and it would be our privilege to welcome everyone to Stettler and host ‘Small Town Saturday Night,’ as we celebrate our little piece of small town living in the Heart of Alberta,” Richards said.

However, at the time of press, Stettler was in the 17th place, while communities such as Innisfail and Rimbey were in third and fourth places with seven per cent.

At the top spot on the leaderboard is LaGlace – a small northern hamlet with approximately 181 people – who has nine per cent.