Local conservative candidate Damien Kurek busy with gatherings across the riding

Local conservative candidate Damien Kurek busy with gatherings across the riding

Voters head to the polls on Oct. 21st

Local Conservative Party of Canada Damien Kurek continues to crisscross the the Battle River-Crowfoot constituency, holding gatherings in communities across the riding.

He made a stop in Stettler on Sept. 20th.

“Polls go up and down, but I’m incredibly encouraged by the conversations I’ve had on people’s doorsteps,” he said. “Campaigning is truly simple because it’s a candidate getting out and connecting with people.”

Of course, part of his work includes tapping into the ‘youth vote’ – a group that is often perceived as being largely uninterested in federal political scene.

Kurek said that during the nomination process, he made a point to include young folks in his campaign who were also excited to get involved in conservative politics.

“I think that there certainly are challenges with engagement but there are also different challenges for engaging with different segments of the population,” he explained.

“When it comes down to it, a candidate has to ensure they are bringing forward a plan for everybody. I’m excited that as a candidate, as a conservative and as part of this team, the plan we are bringing forward is something that fits with everybody,” he added. “It’s about making sure there is a plan that benefits everybody.

“When it comes specifically to young people, I’ve heard from a lot of them. I knock on doors and there are college students who are living at home during the summer and can’t find a job. They get the reality and the economics of what is going on.”

He noted that during the interview, he was sitting in the parking lot of a Hardisty business that wasn’t able to hire summer students.

“So these students understand the realities of our economy and the (impacts of) increased taxes and increased costs,” he said.

“Sometimes, there is the stereotype that young people lean left – that may be true in some areas, but certainly that is not what I am seeing here,” he said.