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Horner feels ‘well-aligned’ with riding constituents

Horner appointed as new provincial minister of finance
Nate Horner

When recently re-elected MLA Nate Horner returns to the legislature for his next term, its makeup is going to be different.

The United Conservative Party (UCP) managed to hold on to a majority, however, by the time the dust settled and the recounts were done, Elections Alberta ratified the results with the party holding on to 49 seats, a loss of 14 from before the election.

“It’s definitely going to slow us down,” said Horner, in a recent interview.

“There’s a polarized vision for the province.”

Forming the opposition is the NDP, who gained those 14 seats, ending up with 38 overall.

According to the official Elections Alberta results, the UCP earned 52.6 per cent of the popular vote while the NDP secured 44 per cent. While filling out the rest of the vote, none of the other parties secured seats.

Overall voter turnout was around 59.6 per cent.

“We held on to our voter share,” said Horner, about his party’s win.

“Less people voted, and there was the collapse of the other parties … It was a very competitive election.”

Horner feels that he is “well aligned” with the constituents in the riding, and the numbers seem to back that; Horner was elected with over 15,000 votes. The next highest count in the riding was NDP candidate Juliet Franklin, who received just over 2,600.

During her victory speech on May 29, UCP leader and premier-designate Danielle Smith acknowledged that the party lost some seats and the province was divided, but that her government wanted to and would represent everyone; this sentiment was echoed by Horner.

“We want to be a government that governs for everyone,” said Horner.

“We want to be a government and leader for everyone.”

Premier Smith announced her new cabinet on June 9. In the announcement, Horner, the former minister of agriculture, had been moved over to become the province’s new minister of finance.

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