Meet the candidate – Jeff Golka – Maverick

Jeff Golka

Hardisty’s Jeff Golka has thrown his hat into the ring as the candidate for the Maverick Party for Battle River-Crowfoot.

“I want to see a strong economy, jobs, and the good social programs that come with having a good economy,” said Golka, who has worked in real estate for many years, as well as having farmed and worked in the oil reclamation industry.

“I realized that the Maverick Party has a great platform for the west.

“They are for the west first and foremost so all of our platforms and our vote for bills – if we were a tipping point in a minority government for example – we really have a strong western platform,” he explained. “That’s the number one reason that I like (the Party) is because we really need to start standing up for ourselves here in the west.

“For me, the Party also stands for true western representation which is number one. There is also fairness and freedom about property rights and firearms rights – our right to legally own firearms – which is a big deal in the west,” he said.

“People are really worried that their freedoms are going to be eroded. And western Canadians are very freedom-orientated,” he said. “So it’s about fairness, freedom, representation and justice for all.

“We also want to have a fair and equal system where we can actually protect ourselves and our families without persecution,” he said, adding that land ownership is also a key issue that needs to be watched over, as is the current escalating government debt.

Golka said that in talking with constituents, several concerns surface including worries over the protection of freedoms, the disclosure of health information, and the carbon tax. “We want to end that completely.”

The equalization formula amongst the provinces also needs to be seriously examined, he said.

“Those are really the push-button things.”

These days, Golka has been out meeting constituents, holding rallies and he also conducted a Facebook live meeting which went really well, he said. “We had some really good questions, and you can really get a feel for what the concerns are out there.”

Golka said his desire to run for office also stems from his sincere enjoyment of people in general.

“It’s the people side of things, plus I have experience and background in business. I think people want to see real people representing them and making decisions about what matters for their lives.”

“People want to be heard and they want the needs of their regions addressed,” he said.

“You will get the straight goods. You will get someone who will tell you the truth.”

Canadians head to the polls Sept. 20.

Canada Election 2021