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Halkirk residents vote to remain independent municipality

After two days of voting in the Village of Halkirk as to whether the small municipality should dissolve, the results are in.

With 60 per cent of the vote, the residents of Halkirk have voted in favour of remaining an independent municipality within the County of Paintearth.

According to Jeff Nixon, a manager within Alberta Municipal Affairs and the vote’s returning officer, 56 people of the 92 residents (as of the most recent Stats Can information) in the community cast their vote.

In total, 33 residents voted to remain a village and implement the needed changes to remain a viable community while 22 voted to dissolve and become a hamlet within the county.

One ballot was spoiled and not counted.

“I would suggest that a total of 55 valid ballots cast was a very good voter turnout,” said Nixon in an email to the village administration.

The results of the viability vote will be posted at the Halkirk Community Hall and the village office.

With the viability vote done, the viability report will be submitted to the Minister of Municipal Affairs who will draft directives for the village council to implement over the next several years.

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