Greg Herzog

Greg Herzog

Greg Herzog running for the Alberta Advantage Party

The AAP promises to phase out the carbon tax over three years

By Emily Jaycox

For the Independent

Greg Herzog, a Delia-area fourth-generation farmer, put his name in the hat right before the registration deadline Friday, March 29th under the Alberta Advantage Party (AAP) banner.

Herzog said he had decided about a week before to run for MLA for Drumheller-Stettler due to “frustration” over what he was hearing from the United Conservative Party (UCP).

He takes issue with UCP leader Jason Kenney saying, “I hold the pen,” he said.

“That bothers me,” said Herzog.

He was impressed with the AAP philosophy of “honestly, integrity and grassroots.”

The AAP has no party whip and Herzog said he’d be able to listen to his constituents and vote the way they’d like him to on issues.

If elected, he said he would be “kicking and screaming” to stand up for his constituents and push for the things they want.

Rural people have their own unique concerns and he wants to be a voice for them, he said.

Herzog said he’s “Not very politically correct,” and “Rough around the edges” but he knows agriculture.

With the China embargo on Canadian products, Canada needs to, “Get rid of Trudeau,” said Herzog.

“We need the government to stand up for us and I don’t see the Liberals doing that.”

The AAP plans to end equalization payments by refusing to sign the agreement with the federal government when it comes up for renewal. Herzog also said during the public election forum April 1st that ending the carbon tax won’t be as simple, as Premier Rachel Notley has already signed contracts that trying to get out of would cost Alberta millions.

The AAP promises to phase out the carbon tax over three years, raise the basic personal amount for income tax to $24,120, lower corporate tax to 10.5 per cent, and, “Train and elevate sheriffs to the standards of police forces,” according to

“Your opinion means a lot to me,” Herzog said during his closing remarks at the forum April 1st.

“I ask you to approach me and give me a chance to understand your concerns.”

He ended on a light note, saying, “A recession is when your neighbour loses his job, a depression is when you lose our job and recovery is when Rachel Notley loses her job.”

Although he knows politics is a serious matter, he said you’ve got to have a laugh once in a while, take a breath and chuckle.