Gadsby appoints new village CAO

Jacqui Purves-Smith, with deep roots in the area, officially became the new chief administrative officer for the Village of Gadsby on Jan. 19.

“Village administration is a new venture for me which is exciting in itself,” said Purves-Smith, who will be assisted by longtime CAO Lavonne Smith (no relation) for a few months who will also train the new CAO.

“I think it’s also very cool that it is the Village of Gadsby in particular that hired me because of my family’s history.”

The new CAO comes from a family that homesteaded south of Consort, and not related to any Smiths in the Stettler area.

“I grew up in Consort and we visited by mother’s side of the family in Stettler and north of Gadsby at the Konschuh and Robinson farms quite often during my childhood,” said Smith.

Her maternal grandparents homesteaded around Gadsby and Botha.

“Joe Peden married Mary Greenlee and they farmed north of Gadsby during at least some of my mother’s childhood,” said Smith.

Mary’s parents Moses and Cora Greenlee farmed close to Botha and are named on the Botha Memorial marker.

Joe Pedden was also a partner (1918) in Peden & McTaggart Garage and Repair Shop in Gadsby.