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Exhibitors show off their stuff at annual trade show

The recently opened Stettler Recreation Centre was buzzing with activity April 11 to 13 as exhibitors from all over western Canada
County of Stettler’s café/booth was one of the most visited spots during Stettler’s annual trade show with both the county staff and councillors serving beverages to customers throughout the three-day event.

The recently opened Stettler Recreation Centre was buzzing with activity April 11 to 13 as exhibitors from all over western Canada showed off their wares over the course of the three days.

The trade show is put on by the Stettler Regional Board of Trade, and has been an annual event for about 34 years.

“It’s the event that kind of brings everyone out in the spring. There’s a break from the winter and everything too, so it’s nice,” said Stacey Benjamin, who works at the Stettler Regional Board of Trade.

There were over 100 booths at the trade show, and there were about 2,300 visitors to check out the exhibitors over the course of the weekend. Both numbers are slightly up from last year. Benjamin said the trade show gets exhibitors from Castor, Coronation, and Drumheller.

“We like to have the trade show so that customers get to go around, see some new product that the businesses are offering for the year, and also a chance to visit with friends and family that they haven’t seen in a while,” Benjamin said.

There were a wide variety of things to see at the trade show, from jewelry to vacuum cleaners to hot tubs. But anyone could also have a booth to raise awareness or publicize different things – Clearview school board and County of Stettler both had booths, and there was also a booth advertising the Relay for Life.

There was also entertainment provided, such as face painting and a magician.

And of course, the exhibitors got the chance to show off what they’re selling and talk to potential customers.

“For the exhibitors, we’re hoping to have a lot of sales throughout the weekend,” Benjamin said.

Carla McPherson of Fifth Avenue Collection hoped to book some parties and get some contacts out of the trade show. The jewelry company is based out of Moose Jaw, Sask., though McPherson is from Stettler. She has also gone to trade shows in Edmonton and Red Deer.

“The trade show is excellent, because you get to meet a lot of people,” she said. “This year it feels like it’s not as busy as last year, but there’s still been a pretty steady crowd all three days.”

Hayley Leschert of Stettler’s Out of the Barrel Photography has only officially been in the photography business since December, so it was important for her to show people that she existed.

“Really, the biggest reason for it is that it’s a good way to show other people what I can do, and they can see my photos up and then have a chance to have a conversation with me about it,” she said.

Customers Ken and Helen Smith said they enjoyed the booths – Ken’s favourite was the tractor display.

“I like the senior one,” Helen said. “Just all of them, they’re interesting.”