Workshop participants planting their miniature gardens in the Echoglen Gardens greenhouse.

Workshop participants planting their miniature gardens in the Echoglen Gardens greenhouse.

Echoglen Gardens host indoor gardening workshops

Participants learned how to plant their own terrariums or miniature gardens.

Donalda’s Echoglen Gardens opened for the season on Tuesday, April 18 this week, and in preparation for the arrival of spring, they also held a series of gardening workshops on the weekend of April 8 and 9.

The workshops were designed to teach participants how to plant their own miniature gardens or terrariums.

There was a wide range of ages represented at these workshops, said Echoglen’s Beth Fulton.

“We had kids from seven and up and grandparents as well,” she said.

Echoglen Gardens had tropicals, succulents and other supplies on hand for those who attended the workshops.

Planting these types of gardens is ideal for this time of year, Fulton explained.

“These are all plants that people can keep inside their house,” she said.

Succulents have become especially popular with indoor gardeners recently.

“They require little to no care, so for the people who forget to water them they’re ideal,” Fulton commented.

However, even though these plants are easy to maintain and keep alive, planting them takes care and knowledge.

One of the mistakes people sometimes make is to mix succulents with tropicals, something Fulton advises against.

“They require two different care situations,” Fulton added. “One requires dry and the other requires moist and humid.”

Fulton also cautioned against planting too deep.

“Always ask for instructions or guidance if you’re unsure,” she said, adding that the staff at Echoglen Gardens are always happy to answer any questions people might have.

Fulton typically holds two or three gardening workshops every year, usually in the spring when people are getting ready to plant.

“I’m looking at doing some outdoor workshops too, so I’m waiting to see what the weather is going to do,” she stated.

Depending on the weather, Fulton hopes to schedule outdoor gardening workshops around the end of April.