David Michaud is representing the People’s Party of Canada

David Michaud is representing the People’s Party of Canada

Voters head to the polls on Oct. 21st

David Michaud has tossed his hat into the federal election campaign run this year, representing the People’s Party of Canada in the Battle River-Crowfoot riding.

Michaud has said that he didn’t think the other political parties have Canadian’s best interests at heart.

“We want to get the party back into the people’s hands where it belongs. We work for you – it’s not the other way around. That’s something that the government currently forgets,” he said. “That’s my goal – to make Canada for Canadians,” he said.

Michaud, who lives on the north end of the Battle River-Crowfoot riding, said a few years back, he and his cousin were working to shape a new conservative party in Canada.

“When he heard Maxime Bernier’s policies, it was a no-brainer. I said, okay, I’m with him,” noted Michaud, adding that on the campaign trail these days, the folks he’s talking to simply want a complete change in government.

“They say, ‘They can’t even be a minority (government) – they have to be gone,” he said, referring to the Liberals.

As to the issues that he finds are resonating with local constituents, the list includes Bernier’s desire to restructure equalization payments in Canada. According to the Party’s web site, “It’s time to stop rewarding provincial governments for not adopting better economic policies.”

The Party also pledges to, “Get rid of the deficit in two years through spending cuts and fiscal prudence. Spending cuts will include corporate welfare ($5B-$10B), foreign development aid ($5B), CBC ($1B), equalization payments, and funding for programs which are provincial or municipal responsibilities.”

According to the web site, the Party would also, “Reassert federal jurisdiction over pipelines construction by invoking section 92(10) of our Constitution, whereby Parliament can declare any project to be for the general advantage of Canada.”

Meanwhile, Michaud said connecting with folks across the riding has been the most compelling aspect to the campaign.

“I’ve always been a people person,” he said. “I go to people’s doors, and I ask them if they’ve heard of the PPC. They might say, ‘Yes, but I’m not interested’.” But Michaud said once a dialogue begins, a lot of people are interested in various aspects of the party’s platform.

“Maxime is so passionate and so adamant that he wants Canada to be better.

“It’s called the People’s Party – and that’s exactly what it is,” he said, referring to the ‘grassroots’ focus of the party in terms of policy direction and decision-making. Michaud noted that, for him, not being heavily involved in politics for years on end is advantageous as he can bring a new perspective.

“I may not be the greatest public speaker, but I’m definitely passionate about what I’m doing,” he said.

Voters head to the polls on Oct. 21st.