County to own Donalda fire hall

  • Apr. 6, 2011 6:00 a.m.

JULIE BERTRAND/Independent reporter

County of Stettler and the village of Donalda are in the process of negotiating the sale of Donalda’s share of the new fire hall in the village.

Originally, the county and the village had planned to share the cost of fire hall. Donalda donated the land and paid for the water and sewer connection, while county paid for the building construction.

However, village of Donalda management changed its mind this winter.

“We receive the same benefits whether we own a portion of it or not,” said Donalda mayor Bruce Gartside.

“We felt it was an opportunity to recover the cost that we put into it.”

The county made the village an offer based on the appraisal that was done when the land was vacant and what the village paid for the water and sewer connection. County council made a maximum offer of more than $94,000.

The offer includes $43,000 for the donated land and the rest is compensation for the installation of the water and sewer line.

“We will consider the county’s offer at our council meeting this week,” said Gartside.

“I hope a decision will be made on Wednesday night.”

The fire hall was built last summer at a cost of $1.1 million. Engineering and surveying expenditures totalled $33,809; land acquisition cost $40,000, while furniture and equipment purchase amounted to $38,924. The remainder paid for the construction of the building.

“We’re using the structure as a fire hall and then we’ll also be using it as storage for some of our road maintenance equipment in the northern part of the county,” said Shawna Benson, communications officer for the county.

The fire hall is staffed by six volunteer firefighters.

The sale won’t affect the county’s fire department, or the service it provides to the area.

“The service that we provide in the region will be just as good,“ said Mark Dennis, Stettler fire chief.