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County of Stettler puts in place seasonal road bans

With warmer weather hitting the region, the County of Stettler is putting in place seasonal roads bans effective March 17 at 1 p.m.

Township roads and range roads with the County of Stettler are at a 100 per cent axle weight, effective March 17, with some exceptions.

Range Roads 19-4,20-3 and 20-5, as well as Township Roads 37-0 (Fenn Road), 38-2 (Warden Road) and 38-4 (between Highway 56 and Range Road 19-4) are all at 90 per cent axle weight.

Portions of Range Roads 18-4, 19-5 20-4, 20-5, 21-0 and Township 38-4 are limited to 4500 kilograms.

Township Road 38-4 between Range Road 19-4 and Highway 850 is reduced to 75 per cent.

The Road to Ol’ MacDonald’s Resort is also permanently banned at 75 per cent, as is Carlisle Estates and Rochon Sands Heights.

In a release documenting the road bans, the county notes that the bans are based on the registered certificate axle weights of commercial vehicles.

Anyone needing more information or requiring access to these areas but are unable to meet the axle weights are asked to contact the County of Stettler Protective Services Department at 403-741-6133.

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