Stettler County

County of Stettler meeting highlights for Oct. 13 – part one

Council has awarded a contract for the creation of a stormwater plan for Carlisle Estates

By Kevin J. Sabo

For the Independent

The County of Stettler council has approved a rural water connection, with stipulations, during their final pre-election meeting held Oct. 13.

After a drought-stricken year, the White Sands Colony has requested another connection to the County of Stettler water system for their animals.

With an existing line near the colony, according to Chief Administrative Officer Yvette Cassidy, the cost for the connection should be well within the $15,000 connection fee charged by the County.

“They are finding with the drought this year they are stressing out their wells,” said Cassidy.

“They would like access to a little more water for their animals. The $15,000 should cover this.”

As part of the request, the colony is wanting access to 13-gallons per minute of water flow, something which, again, according to Cassidy, the system could currently handle.

Cassidy cited the Red Willow Pork Farm, which is also connected to the County of Stettler’s water supply at the same rate.

“Red Willow has been non-stop, and we have had no issue,” said Cassidy.

Coun. James Nibourg in principle agreed with the connection, but wanted it stressed in any agreement that the County would only guarantee one gallon per minute water flow, something of which Cassidy said they are aware.

Coun. Ernie Gendre put forward the motion allowing the connection, which was carried.

Carlisle Estates

Despite not being a budgeted item in 2021, County council has awarded a contract for the creation of a stormwater plan for Carlisle Estates.

The subdivision just southwest of Stettler has been prone to flooding since its creation.

According to the Request for Council Decision, the area suffers from “flat ditches and is prone to ponding.”

“It appears that they almost just threw the ditches in and graded the ditches the way they did,” said Cassidy.

Coun. Dave Grover acknowledged that the flooding has been an ongoing issue, however, didn’t feel that now was the time to award a contract since it wasn’t budgeted for.

Not all of council agreed.

“Mr. Grover, I disagree with you,” said Nibourg.

“This keeps getting pushed off and pushed off. These people put in a fair amount of tax dollars. I think every fall, spring, and summer we send in crews (to help with the flooding). I would like to see us get the study done and see us ready for spring.”

According to Cassidy, there is room within the budget to “find the money” or borrow it from reserves and pay it back in the 2022 budget. The total cost for the subdivision stormwater plan is just under $20,000.

In a motion put forward by Gendre, the contract for the stormwater study was awarded to Ponoka-based ROHI Engineering Ltd.

Parkland Library budget

County council has approved the 2022 Parkland Regional Library Systems Budget.

As a Parkland Regional Library board member, Coun. Les Stulberg was asked to speak about the 2022 budget.

“Parkland Regional Library needs to submit their budget to the Province by the end of December, so they like to send their budget to their partners early,” said Stulburg.

“This is the third year in a row with no increases, and the return on the dollar is huge. I think it’s very worthwhile being part of the library system.”

The 2022 Parkland Regional Library requisition remains at $8.55, which means the County contribution for 2022 will be just over $47,500.

Stulberg put forward the motion approving the 2022 Parkland Regional Library budget, which was carried unanimously.