Stettler County

County of Stettler highlights for Sept. 8

The County of Stettler will be putting some rural development funds to use on Hwy. 835

By Kevin J. Sabo

For the Independent

The County of Stettler will be putting some rural development funds to use on Hwy. 835.

With traffic flow increasing on Hwy. 835 through Erskine, safe pedestrian crossing of the highway has been an issue.

“It has been a concern for Erskine residents for some time,” said County of Stettler Chief Administrative Officer Yvette Cassidy, during the Sept. 8 council meeting.

“We worked with Alberta Transportation to put crosswalks, but (they don’t) have it in the budget to put in lights. They have given the County the okay to put them in.”

Two sets of pedestrian crossing lights will be purchased by the County at a cost of approximately $19,500. The lights will be solar operated and activated with a push-button.

Once the lights arrive, they will be installed by County public works with “minimal traffic interruption.”

“I suggest, if council wants to go forward with this, this would be good use of our rural development fund,” said Cassidy.

“With G3 going, there is more traffic going through there,” said Coun. Cheri Nietz.

“It’s a priority. I motion we put this in.”

The motion was carried.

Waste management

Town of Stettler resident Grace Fix presented to the County council, bringing forward concerns about waste material burning and the proposal of a styrofoam recycling concept.

The concern Fix had with the burning are the toxins released when burning garbage.

“All garbage releases toxins when we burn it,” said Fix.

Fix’s recommendation to council was to increase the number of bins destined for the landfill at the County of Stettler waste transfer sites, as well as provide education to the public on the hazards associated with burning and limiting the burning which takes place at the sites to untreated wood only.

According to Fix, the County was the only municipality she was able to find that allows for the burning of cardboard.

“Three municipalities have no burning,” said Fix.

“(The County of Stettler) is the only municipality that allows the burning of cardboard.”

Increased cardboard recycling in the County could cost in between $2700 and $6700, according to in formation Fix provided council.

This cost would be in addition to the $27,000 already paid annually for the cardboard recycling at the seven transfer sites located throughout the County.

Additional bins for treated wood to go to the landfill would increase costs to Stettler Regional Waste Management by anywhere from $4000 to $16,000 a year.

Fix also advocated for the establishment of a styrofoam recycling program. Her recommendation was to contract Calgary-based Styro-Go, a company which provided onsite Styrofoam compacting services, at an estimated cost of $4000 a year. The provider would accept packing styrofoam for recycling, but it would not accept styrofoam food or beverage containers.

Council appreciated Fix’s presentation, however, did not believe that the funding should come solely from the County.

“Recently, we set up (the Stettler Waste Management) system to handle these joint projects,” said Coun. James Nibourg.

“There is some cost-sharing that needs to be handled between the municipalities. I see this as a joint project, not as an individual project.”

Council accepted the presentation as information, with the promise to look at the proposals again when budget planning starts for 2022.