County of Stettler council meeting highlights for Jan. 13th

County council chambers will be getting some audio-visual upgrades

By Kevin J. Sabo

For the Independent

A County of Stettler resident is not getting their security deposit back after being approved for a subdivision development. At least not yet.

Part of the approval for the subdivision development located at SW 19-34-20-W4M required the construction of an approach into the property in question.

Instead of constructing an approach, per the agreement, the resident is using an undeveloped road to access his residence, which is not to County standards, nor maintained by the County of Stettler.

Part of the issue with this undeveloped road access is because it is not an official access, the County of Stettler is unable to issue a blue sign for the residence.

Per the request for decision, the resident has informed the County of Stettler that he does not intend to install the required access, and would like his deposit back, something not sitting well with council.

Councillor Dave Grover, the Big Valley Ward Councillor, said that the, “Requested deposit should be held, and (the resident) be given until April to develop (an approved) approach.”

With the motion, passed by council, if the resident doesn’t have an approved approach to the subdivision in place by April, the County of Stettler Public Works will construct the access, using the security deposit funds.

“We will do our due-diligence by doing this,” said County of Stettler GIS Coordinator Rich Fitzgerald.

Erskine subdivision

Another subdivision discussion held by County of Stettler council during the Jan 13th meeting involved the layout of the new subdivision proposed in Erskine.

Council looked at three different layouts for the proposed subdivision.

Two rejected layouts include one which would have a lot density of 24 lots, much akin to a trailer park, and a second had nine lots in a tear drop shaped cul-de sac, which Coun. James Nibourg didn’t see as fitting the Erskine concept plan.

After some further discussion, a subdivision layout of 14 lots, each .18 acre in size with alleys running behind each was approved, though the decision was not unanimous.

Coun. Cheri Nietz and Coun. Ernie Gendre voted against the proposed plan.

To date, the County has spent nearly $100,000 on the project.

Lease land tender

Council has approved the lease of grazing land immediately north of the airport until the fall of this year. The individual leasing the land intends to graze a pair of horses on the property.

The land was put out for tender last year, however no tenders were received and the property was remaining unused.

With someone immediately interested in the land, and the fact that no tenders were received last year, council moved to offer the individual a lease until the fall, at which time the property would go up for tender again for next year with the rest of the council grazing lands.

Director of Emergency Management

With the departure of County of Stettler Emergency Service Director Lea Hardman, the role of Director of Emergency Management falls to the applicable Chief Administrative Officers in the various municipalities in the region.

After discussion of a request for decision brought before council, council decided to promote Deputy Director of Emergency Services Clinton Sime into the position of director of emergency services. Deputy Director of Emergency Services Chad Jackson will remain in that role as well.

Chamber upgrades

County council chambers will be getting some audio-visual upgrades. The upgrades, which are coming out of the 2020 budget, include new screens for the space.

“There’s going to be some changes in the room,” said Andrew Brysiuk, the director of municipal services.

“This room has become increasingly important (for) council and staff.”

Another discussion was held surrounding chamber upgrades included new chairs for the space.

“We sat in these chairs at the old county office,” said Coun. Wayne Nixon.

“They’ve got some years on them.”

In addition to the age, the stairs are cloth and not cleanable.

Coun.Les Stulberg put forward a motion to purchase new chairs for the space, which was defeated, with three councillors in favour, and four against.