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County of Stettler council approves return of road clean-up progam

After two years absence, county council has approved the return of the road clean up program.
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After two years absence, county council has approved the return of the road clean up program.

The program was a fundraising tool offered by the County of Stettler which allowed groups to clean-up up to 16 kilometre stretches of county roads. The county would provide the garbage bags and safety materials, such as vests, as well as collect the full garbage bags from the side of the road.

In return, groups would get paid a set amount per kilometer as fundraising.

Unfortunately, due in part to the onset of COVID-19 and in part as a cost-saving measure the program was cancelled in 2020.

With the return, groups are able to contact the county to arrange to be connected with the program.

The program will pay groups $55 per kilometre, up to a max of 16 kilometres, for locations in the rural parts of the county, or $75 per kilometre within ten miles of town or two miles of a landfill.

Administration has budgeted up to $2,500 for the program in 2022, which depending on the roads cleaned could cover 33 to 44 kilometres of county roadway.

Coun. Gendre put forward the motion allowing the return of the program, which was carried.

Land tenders

The County of Stettler council approved 17 parcels of land for lease during their April 13 meeting.

Previously advertised, the land is a variety of grazing and crop land that interested area residents had the opportunity to tender on.

“Pastures are in high demand,” said Coun. Les Stulberg.

Quinton Beaumont, the county manager of agricultural services, agreed.

“I’ve been getting phone calls from all over,” said Beaumont.

“Central Alberta, and a couple from Saskatchewan.”

Due to point seven in the county’s leasing policy, the high bid for the land did not necessarily get the lease.

One parcel in particular had several higher bids on it than the one accepted, however because the bidders were not local residents they were denied in favour of one who was.

Point seven states that a resident must be a county resident in order to lease land from the county.

“‘Resident’ is very definitive,” said Coun. Ernie Gendre, before motioning to accept the winning bids as presented.

The winning bids are for a five-year term and will generate approximately $55,000 in annual revenue for the county.

County bridges

Several bridges in the county have been reviewed.

Initially reviewed by staff, five bridges were rated for 10 tonne loads based on inspection reports, however administration also felt it prudent to bring out a consultant to complete a more thorough inspection on the five files.

The bridge on Range Road 17-0 north of Township Road 41-0 was found by the consultant to have a host of deficiencies and was recommended to be closed immediately, which was done. Administration is reviewing options and the bridge will remain closed until further notice.

A draft report for the bridge on Range Road 17-5 north of Highway 601 recommended dropping the weight rating to 5 tonnes due to deficiencies found.

The bridge on UAR 55 west of Highway 56 accessing Big Valley is being recommended to remain at a 10 tonne rating, as is the bridge on the Gadsby Dump Road.

A bridge near Scollard on Township Road 34-4 was unable to be inspected in the winter due to conditions and an inspection is expected in early May with a draft report to be estimated to be complete by the end of June. Until the report is complete, the rating for the bridge will remain at 10 tonnes.

Stettler Ag. Legacy Project

County council has approved a $25,000 in-kind donation to the Stettler Agricultural Society for the construction of the outdoor rodeo grounds Legacy Project, which is currently under way.

The donation will allow for staff-time and equipment use to to be used for the construction of the estimated $400,000 project.

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