County of Stettler candidates profile platforms

  • Oct. 6, 2010 2:00 p.m.


(Ward 1)

• Les Stulberg

I am proud to say I am a farmer from the Byemoor-Endiang ward where we have operated a family farm for several generations.

I am committed to my community and I am letting my name stand for councilor so that I can use the knowledge and experience I gained in my first term to effectively represent the ratepayers in another term.

I would like to see the projects that are started come to fruition.

One term is not long enough to accomplish the many things that I feel are important for my ward.

I would like to see the county’s new gravelling and road construction plan implemented to address the problems this wet year has caused our roads and see the southeast region of the county take advantage of the quality gravel reserves the Hand Hills have to offer.

Another priority is to keep the hubs of our communities, the hamlets, viable so they can continue to serve our community’s needs.

• Lawrence Wilkie

I am an account manager for Brenntag Canada (an oilfeld chemical company) for east central Alberta and central Saskatchewan and I farm in the Byemoor area.

I am running for council because I don’t think that the current council gets along, there seems to be a split within the council.

I think council has to work for the benefit of the whole county.

The main issue in the county and in my ward is roads.

Roads have to be maintained properly because most of the people have to drive these roads to get to their off-farm jobs and other services in other communities.

Another issue is the water-distribution project.

A lot of residents are concerned that the water lines will be in the ditch.

If the lines were buried on land, the project would have been completed by now.

Now, it will probably take another year or two.

Council needs to work with landowners on issues and projects of this nature.

County council should be more accountable to the people.

Big Valley (Ward 2)

• Dave Grover

My wife and I own a cattle ranch northeast of Big Valley.

There are over 30-plus miles of roads to gravel in the Big Valley ward and they need to get done before freeze-up.

At 300 yards of gravel to the mile, I am confident our gravel crew will get it done.

The maintenance graders continue to work flat out between rainstorms.

Finances are a concern with me as I prefer to see the county’s reserves to have more funding. Accountability is still a priority to develop a budget.

Borrowing from the piggy bank is not sustainable or acceptable.

Agriculture is also another top priority for me.

• Terry Schiffner

I have lived in the County of Stettler all my life where my wife and I operate a backgrounding feedlot and a cow-calf operation.

I currently serve on the board of directors for the Clearview Calf Co-op and am past director for Stettler and District Agricultural Society.

I grew up participating in 4-H and as our children grew up, and also joined, I became a leader for many years.

Having been approached by several neighbours and friends to run as councilor, I felt it would be a good opportunity to those of us in the Big Valley to have our concerns brought to a county (council) meeting and then addressed.

One of the issues I would like to be addressed is road repair and secondly, more information is needed regarding the land-use bylaw.

In closing, I thank all current councilors for their guidance and encouragement.

Botha-Gadsby (Ward 3)

• Kevin Baird

I was born and raised on the family farm north of Gadsby.

I am running for councilor in my ward because I feel we need to improve on the safety of our roads, particularly on the school bus routes with respect to grading and timely snow removal. I would like to ensure the county always has a good supply of good gravel for the roads. I also feel it is important to keep the Botha School open after the recent renovations.

I am a member of the Westwood Agricultural Society, the Alberta Pony Chuckwagon & Chariot Association, the All Pro Canadian Chuckwagon Association and the Kids With Cancer Society of Northern Alberta.

As a child, I attended Sunday school at Westwoods for many years and was very involved with 4-H.

I attended Gadsby School and William E. Hay Composite High School in Stettler.

After graduating, I served for the Stettler Recreation Board coaching football, hockey and softball, then left to work on the rigs for a few years.

My wife Dianne and I continued farming north of Gadsby and raised two children.

• Greggory Jackson

My name is Greggory Jackson. I am a candidate for division # 3 Botha/Gadsby area for county council.

My wife Heather and I, and our three young children, reside on the Jackson homestead in Gadsby where we operate a cattle ranch.

I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to serve on county council. I feel that I can bring a new perspective, a positive attitude and I enjoy a challenge.

Two issues that have been brought to my attention and I feel are of concern; the condition of county roads and perceived excessive spending.

If elected, I will give these issues, other concerns expressed and the responsibilities of a councillor the time and effort required to properly represent the county residents in the Botha/Gadsby area.

Stettler (Ward 4)

• Blake Chapman

My name is Blake Chapman and I am running for county council in the Stettler ward.

I have lived and worked my whole life in the Stettler area and have farmed at the same location since 1973.

We own and operate an Angus cattle operation and hold and annual bull sale in February.

My wife’s name is Donna and we have three adult children and one wonderful grand-daughter all living in the Stettler area.

I would like to remain on county council for another term for the following reasons”

-Continuation of the rural water project.

-Hard-surfacing of the Liberal and Linda Hall roads.

-A more-permanent and cost-effective form of dust control.

-County department-by-department cost analysis to compare owning equipment or contracting the same equipment when needed.

• Walt Saar

Hello, I am Walt Saar. I have chosen to run for county council to express my and others’ concern with the amount of regulation that has crept into our rural municipality, and the seemingly related amount of administration costs.

The maintenance of county roads will be an ongoing issue and gravel sources a concern so we need to examine every rational solution available, cutting edge or not.

I am a ‘penny saved, penny earned’ kind of guy and recognize that every policy, program, bylaw and commitment the county makes in the future should reflect an ever shrinking non-agricultural tax base, and that the agricultural rate has been raised quite enough for a while.

For 10 years I served as the Stettler county agricultural fieldman, administrating provincial Agricultural Service Board programs, agricultural acts and county bylaws. I have served on many committees: e.g. renegotiating provincial funding to service boards, pesticide sprayer licensing, county water programs, and established the County of Stettler’s health and safety program. During that time I was elected regional director of the Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen.

I really look forward to voting “No” and have it counted, so if you will give me a little of your time and your vote I’ll try to pay you back.

• Chad Wilson

Hi my name is Chad Wilson I am running for council in the Stettler ward.

I am a heavy-equipment operator.

The reason I am running for council is because I have always been interested in politics.

My top priorities as a councilor are road maintenance and the wasted gravel during winter graveling on these county roads.

I would like to see stock piling gravel in the winter and graveling roads in the summer.

I am looking forward to serving my area as a councilor.

Erskine – South Warden

(Ward 5)

• Earl Marshall

I currently operate a crushing business with my partner who is also my wife.

We went into business 35 years ago and we have two grown children and three grandchildren.

The reason I am seeking support as councilor for Erskine – South Warden for my fourth term is simple.

I really enjoy the work and being involved in planning the future of this community.

Trying to build ad rock-solid community for our children and grandchildren to live, work and play in.

I have found these past years on council rewarding and challenging, pursuing and completing projects within the county.

I have had experience as a councilor, deputy reeve and presently reeve and have served on many committees through my years on council.

I want to make your voice be heard for a better future.

I am a councilor who is committed to the task of a better future for generations to come.

As councilor, I will do my best to represent my ward to the best of my ability.

I am honest, committed and available.

• James Nibourg

Yes, it is time for change.

I am James Nibourg and I would like to be your county councilor for ward 5: Erskine-South Warden.

My wife Lori-Anne and our four children are very involved in all aspects of our community.

Whether it is school, 4-H, hockey, church, curling or any number of community activities we are always doing something.

I am a small business owner and have been operating East Central Auto Recyclers for the last six years.

What I think needs to change the most is the feeling of entitlement that some of our elected officials are getting. The taxpayers are the ones paying the bills and should be treated fairly and with respect. The taxpayer should be listened to, their concerns should be addressed promptly and with answers that make sense.

We can and must do better with the resources that are given to the county. Better roads, better fiscal responsibility, better business encouragement. We can do better.

• Danny Riggins

I am a contract oil and gas well operator, currently contracted to Direct Energy.

I want to be a good spokesperson for the people and taxpayers of the County of Stettler.

My top priority is road maintenance.

In order to do this, we need to focus on increasing the time spent on maintaining our roads, so we are not wasting taxpayers’ dollars that have been put towards gravelling the county roads.

My second priority is the subdivision ruling for owners of small acreages.

I would like to the population increase in our county, therefore, creating opportunity for the up-and-coming generations.

Erskine – Buffalo Lake (Ward 6)

• Joe Gendre

For 25 years, I had a small dairy and served both as a delegate and director on board for Alpha Milk.

I semi-retired in 2003, was asked by my neighbours to serve on county council, and have committed myself to the position.

Currently I grain farm with my wife Circun and four children northwest of Erskine.

My primary concern is the durability of our county roads.

I have been a proponent of using 1½” gravel incorporated into the cap before ¾” road spec is applied.

This prevents deep rutting and keeps the ¾” gravel near the surface.

I believe that a slightly rough road is a small price to pay considering we are gaining safe all weather roads.

Our county has many communities within its borders; cooperation and understanding will be our biggest legacy.

Councils can continue to build upon collaborative resources such as sewer, water, fire, libraries, and recreation facilities.

• Guy Neitz

My family and I operate a mixed farm west of Erskine, raising cattle, grain, paint and quarter horses.

My family and I have benefited from a strong Erskine School and our involvement with an active community.

I have been committed to building a better community by working with our youth through Stettler Wildcats’ football for 18 years and the founding president of Stettler Minor Football Association in 2002.

I also spent three winters making ice and operating the Erskine skating rink.

I was a member of the committee to develop a new municipal development plan for the County of Stettler.

Previous inter-municipal agreements entered into by council during prosperous economic times have become a barrier to new and existing business from locating in our community.

In these slow economic times we need to encourage and support our business community.

We need to make sure those jobs stay and/or come to us.

To serve your interests and the community, I am committed to listening to your concerns and suggestions.

Then act in the best interests of all involved.

So that through consensus, leadership and a clear vision we can achieve the community that we wish to live in and be a part of.