Stettler County

County of Stettler approves projects during May 12th council meeting

County council has authorized some funds for projects this summer

By Kevin J. Sabo

For the Advance

County of Stettler council has authorized some funds for projects this summer.

The projects approved include a new generator to run the County of Stettler Shop when it is active as the regional Emergency Operations Centre, running power and installing an automated gate on the back side of the County yard, and updating aerial photographs of the region.

Council approved the awarding of a tender to Stettler’s Ampko Electric, who supplied a bid of just under $72,000 for the project.

A 10 per cent contingency is being added to the total cost, bringing the potential expenditure to just under $79,000. The funds for the project were allocated in the 2021 budget.

In total seven bids for the project were received.

Gate automation

The gate at the back of the County of Stettler public works shop is getting an upgrade.

A project that has been cut for the last three years, the manual gate is going to be automated, allowing for some increased security at the site.

Since automating the rear gate will require power to be run to it, incorporated in the bid was the running of exterior power plugs to plug in block heaters come winter.

Coming off a budget year where significant cuts were made, not all members of council were on board with the decision. Coun. Les Stulberg made the motion to approve the work, awarding the electrical work to Stettler’s Ampko Electric at a cost of just under $9,000, and the installation of the automated gate was awarded to Red Deer’s Q&Q Fencing, also at a cost of just under $9,000.

Reeve Larry Clarke and Coun. Dave Grover voted in opposition to the motion, which was carried.

Seven tenders were received for the electrical work, and two were received for the fence work.

Aerial photography

Included in the 2021 budget was $90,000 for aerial photography, to get current photographs of the region.

“They are a very important part of what we do,” said County of Stettler GIS Coordinator Rich Fitzgerald.

“Just about every department here in the County uses them.”

Five quotes were received for the tender, ranging from $56,000 to $131,000, with the flights to be flown between June and early August. The low bid was submitted by KBM Resources Group in Ontario.

“I’d be in favour of going with who we used before, if they did a real good job,” said Councillor Dave Grover.

“The lowest bid isn’t always the best.”

The previous County of Stettler photos were flown by Tarin Resource Services, an Alberta-based company.

“I like buying local, but KBM is ($20,000) cheaper, so that’s where I’m making my motion,” said Coun. James Nibourg.

Coun. Grover voted against the motion.

County of Stettler office doors

Another project approved by council is an upgrade to the office doors.

Receiving a pandemic-related grant to do some work on the office, the existing doors will be replaced with a set of powered double doors.

The exterior door will have a button to activate it, and the inner door will have a sensor to open it, making the doors much more accessible to people coming in who may be in a wheelchair or on crutches.

Both CR Glass and Heartland Glass of Stettler submitted quotes for the work, with council choosing CR Glass for the project at a cost of $18,000, plus G.S.T, to be paid for through the Municipal Operating Support Transfer grant offered by the Province to help municipalities deal with the pandemic.