Wanda Niehaus

COUNTY COUNCIL – Wanda Niehaus – Stettler (Ward 5)

I’m Wanda Niehaus, and I’m excited to say I am running for County council Ward 5 Stettler.

I’m a mom to four amazing children ages 18-4. A wife to my husband Darren, and together we farm south of Stettler. I was born here, and growing up I often spent most of my summers in Erskine with my grandparents. I love calling this place home. Life is always interesting with farming, whether it’s calving, seeding, haying, harvesting, or bringing the girls back home from pasture. There are often times when a little ingenuity comes into play to get the job done. Problem solver…I’m your gal.

Stettler is a beautiful community, one where people come together to help each other out. The amenities make it so that we aren’t needing to rush off to the cities. We really are so fortunate here.

My desire to run for council came about after years of not being satisfied with certain situations.

I want to preserve this way of life for future generations to come. We have a paradise here, but it won’t stay that way if we cannot encourage new business to come to the County. Our oil money is quickly running out, which without more businesses means higher taxes to sustain the spending by County.

We need a sustainable way of life so all families can continue to afford to live here. I’m also determined to address the road situation. How is it that it is somehow justified that leaving these roads in these conditions is ok? There needs to be a change in the way these roads are maintained. I do not want someone being injured or worse because of the decision to put the huge rocks on the roads. We are in a two-year drought, we can’t wait for rain to fix the problem. Instead, let’s get water trucks and packers out there so we can get our usual ¾” on top.

With me being on council, I will bring an honest, hardworking energy (and I) will treat everyone fairly.

I am a strong woman who wants to do everything I can for the ratepayers of this County. If you want someone who cares about this community, who listens to concerns and is willing to fix them, someone who is willing to do what is necessary and right for this County, then vote for me.

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