Sarina Gosse

COUNTY COUNCIL – Sarina Gosse – Stettler (Ward 5)

I’m Sarina Gosse, and I am running in Ward 5 – Stettler for County council.

Mother to our three-year-old son, and wife to my husband Randy, I work from home for a health and wellness company.

Our search for a healthier pace of life brought us to Stettler County in 2019, where we’ve enjoyed gardening, hunting and plenty of time working outside.

We were drawn to Stettler county because of the welcoming, friendly community.

It was while getting to know our neighbours that I became interested in County council. What really struck me was the number of individuals that do not feel heard. I know I have the time, the interest and the genuine compassion to truly listen to the concerns and opinions of our neighbours.

As a new resident and a young mom, I will bring a new and fresh perspective to council, as well as help to renew interest in the decision-making process for younger generations to come.

Prior to moving to Stettler County, I operated heavy equipment in the oilsands.

I have experience both working in camp and commuting to the mine, which taught me a lot about small community principles and how leadership can be respected or resented.

I know I certainly have the dedication and work ethic needed to make a positive impact in our great community.

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