Larry Clarke

COUNTY COUNCIL – Larry Clarke – Botha – Gadsby incumbent (Ward 3)

I am hoping to represent Ward 3 again this term because there are projects and visions that I want to see through.

With a steep learning curve in municipal politics due to a changing MGA & ruling provincial government, our council accomplished many goals last term.

With the threat of MSI Grants being greatly reduced or eliminated, we must continue to scrutinize the budget and service levels as they directly impact taxes.

While we still have work to do, there are many things that I’m proud to have helped achieve over the last four years:

• lobbying the provincial government on the reduction of property tax on shallow gas. We saved the COS $860,000 per year (approx. $2.6- $3.7 million total) by going to legislature, lobbying, and spending countless hours planning with other municipalities.

• we’ve set up tax repayment agreements with all but one of the deficient oil and gas companies to recover taxes.

• mediation to the development of the Buffalo Lake South Shore ASP to ensure lake development represents the County’s future wants and needs.

• reduced 10 full-time staff positions, resulting in a savings of $930,000 per year.

• replaced six bridges in 2020/2021 due to federal/provincial Stimulus grants.

• zero per cent tax increase over the past four years, except for 2021 with only a two per cent increase in agricultural taxes ($34,000/year). These increases will protect programs and reduce ag services costs for ratepayers.

• we have built our reserves to $13.2 million which were $6.5 million in 2017.

• my intention is to serve ALL 5,500 residents in the most fair, equitable manner possible.

• maintaining wonderful relationships we’ve worked hard to create with the Town of Stettler, our MLA, cabinet ministers, other municipalities, and the RMA is a focus of mine. I also want to ensure businesses in our County are treated fairly and equitably; this means ensuring that development permits, policies, and bylaws all follow the MGA and that all businesses are held to the same levels of accountability.

I will additionally prioritize:

• continuation of road rejuvenation projects.

• proper hamlet maintenance.

• review of water supply to rural residents.

• working through ICFs to ensure all shared services (emergency management, waste management, etc.) are fairly paid by all municipalities so that COS’s ratepayers are not subsidizing our neighbors.

• resolving ongoing legal litigations between COS and contractors.

Prior to my position as reeve, I worked in the oilfield for 35 years, completing my career as a district manager for a major oil and gas producer. My designation as a Certified Engineering Technologist proves my professionalism and credibility.

Dealings with the public, paired with the responsibility for operating and maintaining capital budgets, which ran into the billions of dollars for my district, have prepared me to navigate the diverse needs and attitudes and balancing a budget.

I was one of the founding members of the Gadsby Water Coop and was the chairman and currently chair of the Shirley McCLellan Water Commission.

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