Lance Neilson

COUNTY COUNCIL – Lance Neilson – Big Valley (Ward 2)

Why do you want to start to serve on county council? I love our county, our town, and our province. I have been frustrated with the path Alberta and Canada have taken the last few years. It is difficult to create change in Edmonton or Ottawa, but we can in Stettler County. If all municipalities take on the role of providing a better way, we can effect change across our province and County. It is a grassroots recovery. Local decisions have the most effect on our lives

What do you feel you would bring to council specifically? I will be transparent. Focus on economic development to broaden our tax base. This isn’t a commitment to bet the farm on big projects, this is a focus on encouraging and supporting individuals to create something small or large that satisfies their goals. This will help create an exciting place where families want to live and grow with opportunity for all. To help with this we need to create clear paths to get projects going, regardless of the size.

If someone were to ask you, ‘Why should I vote for you’, what would you say? The focus of every decision will be to improve the quality of life for residents. We can build on the great things already occurring in Stettler county and become a destination for businesses to start and expand, leading to more jobs, larger tax base, and ultimately the place where families stay and grow.

What is your vision for the community? To create excitement that your goals for life can be lived out in Stettler County. Most of us want the same thing. To work hard, be rewarded for that work, and have time to spend with family and friends. Providing a local government that will foster that vision while providing good roads and being careful with rate payers money.

Could you please tell us a bit about your professional/work experience? I have a financial and business / agriculture background. Business diploma from Olds College, then into agriculture and business lending with chartered banks. Became CFO and partner in an oilfield service company. Came back to the farm full time in 2016, where I, along with my wife and four children, have a cow calf and bred heifer operation with direct to consumer beef sales across Alberta, and many research projects with Old College on cattle fertility.

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