COUNTY COUNCIL – Jeremy Verhoeven – Stettler (Ward 5)

Jeremy Verhoeven

Why do you want to start to serve on County council?

The reason I wanted to serve in council for Ward 5 is to see a fresh face in chambers. Walking down the hall at the County office there are a lot of the same people in all the pictures hanging up. With that comes a lot of the same old ways of thinking about agenda items, by-law creation and enforcement. It’s a changing world, so whether it’s looking at climate change, less dependency on fossil fuels or even looking for business development, the County needs to keep up the pace.

What do you feel you would bring to council specifically?

I feel I would bring some new enthusiasm to County council. I have a willingness to learn and I’m excited to collaborate with other council members and ratepayers to build a more successful County.

If someone were to ask you, ‘Why should I vote for you’, what would you say?

People do ask me why they should vote for me and my thoughts on that are I’d be good at it. If you don’t try and change something it will most likely stay the same, and I’m ready to give the County council the fresh reboot it needs. Having grown up in Stettler County, I have a passion for this ward and ensuring our ratepayers’ voices are heard.

What is your vision for the community?

I’d like to see a community that thinks highly of the County council again. I have found it hard to find a subject that sheds a positive light to the County. That mentality needs to change and I want to help it get back to that.

Could you please tell us a bit about your professional/work experience?

Owner/operator of my own trucking company since 2007 which involves hauling sand and gravel, round bales, and light oilfield products in the Stettler area.

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