Ernie Gendre

COUNTY COUNCIL – Ernie Gendre – Stettler incumbent (Ward 5)

Why do you want to continue to serve on County council?

Although projects are ongoing and ever-changing, roads have always been a priority.

Beginning last fall, different trials were undertaken on our roads, some with success and others with varying results.

Techniques we have tried included rolling the tops aside then placing under for road stabilization which needs to be addressed further.

Another trial included spreading larger gravel, for which we have received a lot of complaints.

We did this in response to consistent areas of concern of wet, slippery and muddy, rutted roads – of course we couldn’t predict the drought this summer would slow this trial down as the gravel did not work into the road with the dry conditions.

We have adjusted this program and over time we will get it worked in and it does provide a stronger surface.

Inter-collaboration frameworks are being reviewed with neighboring municipalities which spell out how we share funding responsibilities with our neighbors like emergency management, fire department and road usage and road maintenance needs to be part of this discussion as well.

What do you feel you have brought to council specifically?

First and foremost I stress that I am a representative of the municipality to gather and bring concerns forward to council and our one and only employee, our CAO.

When questioned, I will not attempt to dodge an issue – but to find an answer or share the reason why decisions were made. What I can say is that I can be swayed provided reasonable views are suggested, but I will stand by my position for the betterment of the municipality.

If someone were to ask you, ‘Why should I vote for you?’, what would you say?

The public should vote for the candidate they believe to be the best suited for the municipality as a whole, not just the ward. With saying that, every councillor is one vote out of seven, but bear in mind I will support choices for the betterment of the municipality as a whole.

What is your vision for the community?

The saying I have now is, “It’s easier but slower to go from rags to riches, than riches to rags,” which has happened to the County.

In 2016, the County had $16 million in disposable income, whereas in 2021 we have under $10 million.

In saying that, budget is the utmost of importance on where to divide the funds.

Could you tell me a bit about your professional/work experience?

My personal and business side include having been raised on a farm with designated chores, four years on road construction with the County of Stettler with supervision by Gordon Boehlke, 15 years oil patch lease construction and associated environmental regulation, water and sewer installations in surrounding communities which have led to many surrounding residents with associated working relations.

What ‘fuels’ your inspiration to serve this community?

I am grateful for this life and opportunity, and I would like to continue contributing back to the community.

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