County clarifies issues regarding land use bylaw

  • Apr. 6, 2011 8:00 a.m.

JULIE BERTRAND/Independent reporter

Almost a month after county council passed the new land use bylaw 1443-10, some county residents still question its regulations.

Director of planning and development Johan van der Bank said he had updated a list of ten most frequently asked questions pertaining to the new bylaw late March in order to put those doubts to rest once and for all.

Specifically, van der Bank writes in his clarifications that the new bylaw does not have significantly more urban style regulations as compared to the previous one and that those regulations are incorporated to allow the county to deal with urban development issues appropriately.

“What the county desires for agricultural development in the county is that farmers don’t even know about the land use bylaw except that they have to meet the setback distances,” said van der Bank.

“In fact, we created several additional land uses in agricultural districts to allow farmers to diversify their activities to supplement their farming income.”

County has the ability to prosecute residents that contravene the bylaw because it is a mandatory provision made by the Municipal Government Act.

“The county would much rather work things out than take that step,” said van der Bank.

Moreover, while the act states that the maximum fine for an offence is $10,000, the county has decided to have a maximum fine of $2,000.

If people that have contravened the bylaw refuse to pay the contravention, the county may add the contravention’s amount to their tax bill. People’s land titles will only revert to the county if people haven’t paid their taxes.

Residents can consult the list of frequently asked questions which is posted on the county website.

The full text of the newly adopted land use bylaw is also posted on the same website.

Road bans

As snow begins to melt throughout the county, road bans have been announced for heavy trucks, including those carrying construction equipment.

County management has posted notices on its website with regard to restrictions currently in place for heavy vehicles.