COUNCIL COUNCIL – Dustan Wawzkiewicz – Big Valley (Ward 2)


Why do you want to start to serve on the Stettler County council?

I have decided to serve on council to bring in a new perspective and a new outlook on the direction of our County. As a County on a whole, we are in dire need of new ideas and ways to adapt to our ever-changing environment. I believe bringing in someone in a younger demographic will bring new ideas to the council.

What do you feel you would bring to the council specifically?

I feel I have strong communication skills, I am honest and strive on having a transparent leadership style. My long-term involvement and support in my community has prepared me for this position. It has taught me to listen first, research and then respond.

If someone were to ask you “why should I vote for you?” What would you say?

My commitment and compassion for my community. It is as simple as this… I care, deeply. I want to keep costs down when applicable, while also doing the job as efficiently and effectively as possible. I do not discriminate or bias my opinion based on what has been done in the past. I am a fresh face and want to start fresh for all ratepayers in the County.

What is your vision for the community?

My vision is really quite simple. I want the people that feel their voices are not being heard, heard! I want the County ratepayers to feel respected and not trampled on when it comes to projects that they think might better infrastructure. And lastly my greatest vision of all would be putting or keeping more money in your pockets with a transparent, honest and well-managed municipal government.

Could you please tell us about your professional work experience?

I grew up in the agriculture (industry) and continue to do so. I have spent upwards of 10 years in the oil and gas industry as well. Two of our County’s important industries. During my time in these industries I have had the opportunity to develop effective communication and interpersonal skills.

I have had to learn in the ins and outs of profit and loss sheets and the importance of keeping them balanced. I have experience in heavy equipment operating pertaining to gravel pits, infrastructure as well as building and maintaining roads.

I am familiar with Alberta road use regulations through my agricultural knowledge, as well as having a valid Class 1 license which gave me the opportunity to sit in the seat with our many men and women in the industry.

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