Clearview’s focus on inclusive learning reaps dividends

With the leadership and guidance of Grant Gosse, director of inclusive learning at Clearview Public Schools, the school division has seen...

With the leadership and guidance of Grant Gosse, director of inclusive learning at Clearview Public Schools, the school division has seen some growth and progress in that area, according to some of the statistics and data shared at the Clearview regular meeting on Thursday, Nov. 24.

“One of our biggest growth areas is called the ‘Continuum of Supports Model’ that was established with every school within the Clearview division,” said Gosse. “This model assists us in identifying areas of strength as well as growth areas for our students. It allows us to provide specific, targeted, intervention to enable students to achieve their potential.”

To accomplish this, the school’s administrator and Student Services representative has been meeting twice a year with the inclusive learning team, holding intentional conversations about appropriate strategies for specific students, according to Gosse.

To date, the inclusive learning team’s largest scale project was the purchase and distribution of Classroom Audio Distribution (CAD) systems to all grades from Start Right to Grade 5, with a total of 51 units being purchased.

“Research has demonstrated that when CAD systems are used in the classroom setting, they help to increase student engagement, improve classroom behavior, help students to decipher language in the early learning years, creates an environment for increased academic achievement and decreases teacher vocal fatigue,” Gosse added.

Clearview’s inclusive learning team will also be introducing Standardized Test for the Assessment of Reading (STAR) and Collaborative Response Model (CRM).

“Clearview Public Schools will be administering the STAR Reading Assessment from Kindergarten to Grade 12,” Gosse said. “The assessment will supply teachers with data on students’ reading skills and provide strategies so students can maximize their growth and ultimately improve their reading.”

This assessment will typically be completed twice a year and has not been administered yet, Gosse added.

“The CRM is an organizational framework allowing educators to meet and discuss the individual needs of students making data informed decisions in a timely fashion,” Gosse explained. “The model has accompanying software that streamlines specific interventions providing students with greater opportunities to succeed.”

Gosse said that inclusive learning team at Clearview will continue to strengthen their universal teaching strategies to support all learners.

“It is an honour and privilege to work with the staff at Clearview who are committed to all students in our care,” Gosse added.