Clearview sets workshop on roles of school councils for this October

A workshop to describe the roles and responsibilities of school councils will be hosted by Clearview School Division this fall.

At its recent regular meeting, trustees set the date for Oct. 5 when division officials will meet with representatives of school councils to provide an opportunity for training through reviewing the roles and responsibilities of a school council under the provincially legislated (School Act) and regulated requirements (school councils regulation) and to offer ideas about conducting meetings, engaging parents in the school council activities and making the school council more effective.

“Our board values the work done by school councils across Clearview,” said Ken Checkel, who chairs the board.

“Their commitment and dedication in working together with our schools is invaluable in supporting our students and as trustees we value the contributions we receive from school councils.”

“We want to encourage all of our school councils to participate in this workshop in October.”

Watch for further details about this meeting at a future date.

Review of bus ride times

Transportation supervisor Maryann Wingie, presented a report to the board concerning the small number of students in Clearview district who have an average daily bus ride time of two hours or more. Trustees reviewed and discussed the information in the report.

The vast majority of these riders are either high school aged students, students attending a school of choice or students attending schools in Clearview from outside the division.

Student services information

Director of Student Services Eileen Johnstone presented an annual report concerning the division’s work around helping students with special needs.

She also shared with the board information concerning the Early Child Development (ECD) Mapping Initiative being undertaken by Alberta Education.

“Our board always appreciates receiving information about how our division is meeting student needs and efforts our staff are undertaking to improve their work with students,” said Ken Checkel.

Johnstone also shared with trustees the work the division is doing in professional development for staff to help them address student needs even more effectively.

“Staff in Clearview continues to work very hard to address student needs,” said Superintendent John Bailey.

“We are very proud of the scope of professional development our staff continue to undertake across the division to better address student needs.”

The Early Child Development (ECD) Mapping Initiative, initiated by Alberta Education is a project Clearview will be participating in during the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 school years as the division works with Alberta Education to improve services to the students and families of Clearview Public Schools.

For more information on this initiative check out the website at