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Clearview schools battle provincial funding shortfall

Clearview School Division predicts tougher times ahead with reduced funding from the provincial government.

Clearview School Division predicts tougher times ahead with reduced funding from the provincial government.

No new funding to school divisions was included in the provincial budget presented Feb. 9, according to a letter from the school board to parents.

“While the information released in the budget announcement is not as severe as we had been told it might be, it does mean tougher times in the future,” said the letter signed by Ken Checkel who chairs the board.

“While it is still too early to weigh what the exact impact of Budget 2010 will be within Clearview School Division, we can tell you than a zero increase in grant funding is effectively a cut as costs continue to rise.”

Clearview officials remain committed to serving the community and best with the limited funding.

“We will be working hard to maintain the high quality of education we all expect from our students,” said Checkel.

“We are committed to explore how we can manage our resources to minimize the impact on student learning as we address the funding shortfall.”

Clearaview trustees and administration will continue to consult staff to prepare the upcoming budget.

“Our process helps us identify exactly how we can address our funding issues during these difficult economic times,” said Checkel.

A deficit of $710,520 was recently posted for the 2009-2010 school year as the board approved a final budget of about $30 million.

The updated budget with the deficit includes a $567,606 revenue clawback by the provincial budget and the elimination of the fuel price contingency funding of about $200,000.

“”There is no doubt that recent government clawbacks and funding reductions have had a significant impact on our revenue in Clearview,” said Checkel.

School officials appreciate support from parents and the community.

“As our partners in public education, you have helped us to create one of the best school divisions in Alberta,” said Checkel.

“We assure you that the board and administration are committed to working with you to ensure our students receive an outstanding education, regardless of the funding we receive.”

Clearview plans to regularly update the community on funding and budget issues.