Clearview relieved at talks’ outcome

The tumult within the provincial government appears to have saved the day for all teachers in the province with the government announcing that plans for a pay freeze for teachers have now been dropped for good.

Following the resignation of Ted Morton, the finance minister known for his strict opposition to any budget deficits, Dave Hancock, Minister of Education, announced that the tripartite talks involving Alberta Teachers Association and Alberta School Boards Association and the government aimed at agreeing a pay freeze were stopped.

The decision means that the teachers will now go ahead and receive their previously promised 4.3 per cent pay rise under their current labor contract.

Clearview School Division expressed satisfaction with outcome.

“We believe that the Government of Alberta is now committed to paying the 4.3 per cent increase teachers are to receive for the 2011-12 school year under their current contract,” said Ken Checkel, who chairs the Clearview board of trustees.

“We look forward to seeing the provincial budget as soon as possible so that we have time to plan properly for next school year. In the meantime, we are getting back to work on local issues of concern to our students, staff, parents and communities,” he said.

Before the government’s announcement, Clearview had issued an appeal to all parents to put pressure on the government to stop any pay freeze for teachers.

In another development, Clearview school division said the “Transportation Task Force” created in October last year would start to gather information and new ideas from the communities to maintain and improve the bus services throughout the region covered by the division.