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Clearview Public Schools running $1.7 million deficit in 2021-2022 school year

Clearview Public Schools board highlights for Nov. 30

Clearview Public Schools is facing a significant deficit for the 2021-2022 school-year.

The board approved the fall budget during their Nov. 30 meeting, expecting to spend just under $36.5 million for the school year.

According to a recent release, with that spending the division will be seeing a deficit around $1.7 million, a contrast from the audited financial statement for 2020-2021, which was also approved, which showed a $446,000 surplus.

The majority of Clearview’s budget goes towards staffing, with 73 per cent of money spent used for direct staffing of all positions, and 49 per cent used for teacher staffing.

As part of a plan to draw down the division’s reserves, Clearview has been deficit spending since 2010, and as part of that plan the surplus from the 2020-2021 school year has been redirected into the current year’s budget.

Clearview’s reserves sat at just over $3.4 million in 2010, and are estimated to be drawn down to $1.5 million by the summer of 2022.


Having received around $84,000 in targeted funding for Grades 2 and 3 to assist in numeracy and literacy, Clearview can use the funding to aid students who need additional support due to the school disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic over the last two years.

School board trustees and divisional administrative staff have been touring the schools to connect with staff and students while seeing what is happening while observing classroom environments.

One activity the trustees and staff have seen so far is students taking part in a new welding program at Gus Wetter School in Castor and at Coronation School.

More school visits are planned in December.

Finally, Grant Gosse, Clearview’s director of inclusive learning, has been working in the schools on Clearview’s Truth and Reconciliation program, with the purpose of increasing student understanding of Indigenous history.

Most recently Gosse conducted blanket exercises at Botha and Coronation Schools.