Clearview Public Schools board of trustees leading from the front with governance budget cuts

The Clearview Board of Trustees is leading from the front where it comes to cuts in the developing 2022-2023 budget.

Trustees approved a governance budget of $190,000 for the next year during their April 13 meeting, down from $200,000, intending instead to do more committee work online as well as find other cost savings where possible.

Decisions surrounding the governance budget come as the trustees were notified that the Government of Alberta will maintain funding for 2022-2023 at pre-pandemic levels, though this includes a one per cent increase in base operating funding and 4.6 per cent increase in transportation funding.

“This is helpful and appreciated, although Clearview is experiencing inflation costs beyond the increased funding,” stated Clearview Public Schools, in a board highlights media release.

An area significantly impacting Clearview’s budget this school year has been that of transportation costs.

For the 2021-2022 school year, Clearview budgeted $475,000 for transportation, however based on current fuel prices that budget will need to increase to $675,000 in 2022-2023 to keep pace.

Other increases the board is facing in the next budget include increasing operating costs for facilities and benefits for staff.

Currently, Clearview is anticipating utility and service costs for facilities rising around $175,000 and staffing and benefit costs increasing around $260,000 for the next budget cycle.

Clearview is planning to reduce costs where possible and use reserves to balance the budget in the next year.

New curriculum

Clearview is working with its teachers to prepare for the implementation of the Kindergarten to Grade 6 curriculum which was released on April 13.

According to the media release, Clearview administration has confidence that the teachers within Clearview have the skills necessary to provide the curriculum to the students in a way that benefit students.

Trade Show

Clearview trustees commented thanks to the community members who visited the Clearview booth at the Stettler Trade Show, appreciating the opportunity to hear from the public about community priorities.

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